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Helloooo loves!

Okay, so I lied. I didn`t post my first fashion blog yesterday like I was supposed to but see what had happened was...uh....yeah, I`ve got nothing, but at least I`m here today! Don`t worry your pretty little lashes, you know I`d never forget you!

So speaking of lashes, I know you see those lovely pairs of lashes that I posted! Aren`t they beautiful? And you know the best part? *whispers* they were FREE! Now, you will learn very quickly that the word `free` gets me excited every time! It`s one of my favorite words, right along with clearance & the infamous SALE.

So, I got them from a company called Oh My Lash that specializes in lashes made from Mink fur, & the best part? No animals were harmed in the making of them! They gently brush the Mink fur from the Mink as it sheds! Isn`t that awesome? They sale many different designs of lashes and they are said to last for 25 wears when taken care of properly!

At the time that I got mine, they were having a special where you could get the sweetheart collection (as pictured) for free just by paying a $5.99 shipping fee. I was hoping I`d be able to blog about it before the sale was over, but well....yeah, that didn`t happen! BUT everyone should definitely check them out! I have to go buy some lash glue, but once I get that, I will do my make up and use one of the pairs of lashes to show you all if they`re as fabulous on as they are in the package!

If you wanna get your own pair, here`s the website:

Which one should I do first??

Til next time,
xoxo Kaitee Symone

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