Meet My New iPod - The New iPod Nano 7g

4 years ago

I have a nano 3rd gen ipod since 2007 and i love it, its a great device and very reliable because i never had problems with it. I never seen any reason to upgrade to a new one because the one i have works fine and the 4gb are enough but with the new ipods i have to say i have been a little inclined to finally upgrade it.

Apple presented the new gen of ipods this week and they did some changes to the nano.

<strong>Here whats new:</strong>

- Bigger and better screen
- Home button
- New interface
- Video playback again ( i already had this one my 07 nano, don`t know why they removed it)
- Bluetooth to stream music ( the big plus for me)
- Fm radio and nike+ integration ( i think the previous one had this)
- New design and colors to choose from
- New dock port
- Thinner ipod

I have to say that i was disappointed that there was no camera and no clip because the clip on the previous one was a plus for people that use their ipods when working out.
Other than that it seems like a nice upgrade and i wasn`t sure about the new design because it seems like the Nokia Lumia, im really considering this one and hopefully luuux will update their store with the new one and i will save up for it.

<strong>What do you think of the new iPods? Do you like them or you liked the previous versions better?
Will you be getting one?</strong>

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