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ve been using Mederma a little different you might say, Ive been using it like a face mask. Eek! I know youre thinking, but isnt it for scars? Yes, why, yes it is for scars. After being riddled with crazy acne for about 2.5 years (not that I was counting), I was left with a ton of dark marks a.k.a. hyperpigmentation. Sad, I know. Ive tried a lot of things since Fall trying to fade them, but I suffered many setbacks or failures along the way. So, the situation I was referring to in that post, was a blessing in disguise, because it dawned on me to use Mederma this new way. Ive used Mederma before for major scars, but never thought to purposely use it on my facial marks.

In the morning I wash my face with just water or black soap and apply Aveeno Clear Complexion moisturizer, at this point you can buff your skin lightly with a gentle cloth (I like bamboo fiber the best). Before bed I wash my face with black soap (to get rid of the lotion or any makeup) and apply Mederma like a mask (on forehead, cheeks, and other problem spots). I also pierce a capsule of evening primrose oil if I feel like my skin is a bit too dry during the day and apply this ontop of the Aveeno, makes my skin feel like butter.
Ive been using a small round buffer that has some anti-bacteria fiber properties that last up to 3 months, I bought it at Ulta for about $5. Its textured enough to exfoliate, but I dont use it everyday because is a bit rough.
So far, so good, I havent had any skin irritation, meaning no acne outbreaks resulting from its use nor any redness.
The biggest drawback to using the Mederma all over your face is the smell, the main ingredient is onion bulb extract, so its a little funky, but I only use it before bed and wash it off in the morning with black soap.
Ive been using it for about 6 weeks and am seeing pretty good results. Im not at the point where I feel I can post a picture of my mug all over a post, but might post some before/after pictures in a couple of months.
I think Mederma used this way might be very beneficial to other women of color who get tend to get hyperpigmentation thats stubborn and takes forever to fade. Especially if youre like myself and will not touch anything containing the dreaded hydroquinone or any other bleaching ingredient.
I will post soon about another product I use which I believe is giving me visible results which is Juice Beautys Green Apple Peel.

Mederma doesnt cost $40, its about $20 at Target and Walmart, do not buy it at places like Ulta because then youll pay nearly $40.

Hope this is helpful information.

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