Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

4 years ago

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A year after Frontline`s release, in 2003, came the 1st MOH game to focus on the Pacific Theater of WWII. It was also a 1st-person-shooter developed by Electronic Arts and was the 5th installment of the MOH series. Playing as the protagonist, Marine soldier and then OSS agent Joseph Griffin, you undertake dangerous and secretive missions to stop a greedy Japanese Admiral`s plan to use stolen Chinese gold to change the war itself on both fronts. And at the same time try to find out what happened to your younger brother who was captured in the Philippines. From levels from the attack on Pearl Harbor, to the Philippines, to the steers of Singapore, to the Jungles of China, to battling sailors on a Japanese super carrier, this game has plenty of story to go around. The game actually sports the 1st ever animatic movie sequences between levels for the MOH series. Sadly the game sufferers from poor quality enemy AI, poorer graphics, and somewhat badly designed levels from Frontline`s. As such the cliffhanger ending to the game has remained that way. Rising Sun never got a squeal do to moderate reception and scores. However in my opinion the story of the game is rather good and the animatic movies in between the levels is a nice change than from the previous games. Gameplay is ok and the cheat codes are fun too. I do recommend this game just for the fun of it.

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