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Author of the Original Post: BeverlyHillsBarbie (on YouTube)
What Was Interesting About This Post: http://MeBlingBling.com! :3

Hey there Luuuxers! Today, I`m going to do a post about this awesome website called http://meblingbling.com. Some of you might know it, while some of you might not, but http://meblingbling.com is a website full of different designed phone cases that are made of Swarvoski Crystals, & they are absolutely gorgeous! I really want one myself, but honestly, the prices are a bit pricey. So basically what http://meblingbling.com does is they handcraft this beautiful, "bling bling" phone case design of your choice. But sadly, there aren`t some designs for particular phones like mine. I found out about http://meblingbling.com through a giveaway on youtube, which of course I entered since I really wanted a phone case myself. There are a few giveaways about meblingbling phone cases going on right now, so I guess if you`re interested, you could enter. What I basically did was I just went on YouTube and typed in "MeBlingBling Phone Case Giveaway", and what I wanted was right there. (But I`ll still put a link below on one of the giveaways anyway.) For more information, be sure to check out http://meblingbling.com, and the link to the picture above is: http://www.meblingbling.com/bling-crystal-cases/shop-by-designs/swarovski-crystal-bling-phone-case-for-all-models-design-b129.html
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Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pko0NeXi_Jc