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The other night I was watching T.V and I came across the show "Meatball Paradise". I don`t know if any of you guys have seen this show but it is an hour long episode dedicated to meatballs and it`s greatness! lol They have other shows like Barbeque Paradise, Ribs Paradise, Pasta Paradise and so on. I am such a foodie and I love watching cooking channels and by watching this I was craving meatballs so bad! I wanted them right then and there but it was like midnight so I just had to wait.

The next day I had taken chicken out the night before because I was going to make some bake chicken and salad but I woke up craving those mighty meatballs!

Here are the ingredients that I used to make meatballs:

3lbs ground beef 80 % lean
1 jalapeno
1/2 large white onion
3 eggs
5 pieces wheat bread
Chicken Seasoning

The first thing I did was defrost the hamburger and that took about 30 minutes to do. Preferably you should take out ground beef the night before to thaw out if you do not have any in the fridge. I blended up the bread and put it in the bowl. Then I blended up the onion, garlic and jalapeno together and added that to the breadcrumbs. You do not have to use jalapeno if you do not like spicy food but I love my spicy good and this gave the meatballs a slight kick to them, not overly spicy. I added the 3 eggs, ground beef and all the seasoning to my taste. Usually I would have added some grated parmesan cheese but I did not have any so I had to make do. I lightly sauteed a small piece of ground beef mixture to make sure it was well seasoned. I then rolled out the meatballs and this made 24 meatballs which is a lot but that`s ok because you can put them away in the freezer for another time. I baked this at 350 degrees fahrenheit for about an hour till they were lightly browned on top and firm. I used the jar mushroom and onion tomato sauce from Kroger and rigatoni pasta to accompany those meatballs.

They turned out absolutely delicious and I was very happy with the outcome. They sure did stop my craving for meatballs. I don`t think I will make meatballs again till a while since I still have about half the meatballs in the freezer!

Do you guys like meatballs?

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