Meatball Pepperoni Melt from Subway!

It`s pouring out today and for some reason when it rains I always resort to eating at Subway. I haven`t been to Subway in a while but they have some new sandwiches. I decided to try the <strong>Meatball Pepperoni Melt</strong> which basically isn`t any different from a Meatball Marinara just with Pepperoni and your chose of cheese.

What`s in my sub?
American Cheese
I forgot to top the sandwich off with some parmesan cheese (darn)
And, I also got veggies on the side because I don`t think the veggies taste good with the sandwich.

Overall: This sandwich is basically $1 more then the regular Meatball Marinara.

Is it worth an extra dollar for some pepperoni? Honestly, I didn`t even taste the pepperoni since I was too busy eating the meatball so I probably wouldn`t repurchase this sandwich.

This wasn`t on sale it was $6.00 + tax. Did you know if you get your sub toasted there is a tax fee, if you don`t then no tax. I just learned that today after 48639502489 times going to Subway. I always thought toasting your sandwich was free, lol but either way I always like to toast my sandwiches.

If you like to toast your subs but you`re getting something "hot" (like meatball, chicken) then you should get your bread, cheese then toast it so when you put the meatball which is already hot.. you don`t want to double toast it. I find it even hotter to eat and the meat becomes soggy. Just my opinion.

<strong>Have you tried any of the new "Italian Subs" from Subway?</strong>

More information on the sub:;LC=ENG&amp;MenuTypeId=1&amp;MenuId=56&amp;ProductId=211

Photo via Mine | Don`t take without Permission. Sorry the photo isn`t appealing as the "ad" - I was really hungry.

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