Me Makeover Essentials Lip Trio Review :)

5 years ago

In this post, I`m going to be reviewing the Me Makeover Essentials Lip Trio which includes 3 lipglosses and 3 lip plumpers. I got this for my birthday from my mom in a big bag which also came with the double ended mascara stick and a complete makeup set. I`ll be doing reviews on the other 2 later on after I test them but today, its all about this lip trio!

My Rating: 4/5

Design: There are 3 sticks that are double ended: a lipgloss on one side and a lip plumper on the other. They have the typical twist off cap and a wand to apply the lipgloss and lip plumper.

Application: The application is very smooth and easy to apply and spread.

Feel: The lipgloss is only pretty smooth overall but has a slightly tacky feeling which is what makes it stay on my lips for so long. The lip plumer, after application, slightly makes your lips tingle but there is no pain at all.

Color: As you can see from the swatches, the lipgloss in the middle is extremely pigmented but the other two are rather sheer. They still make for good shine though. The lip plumpers are all clear colored :)

1. Smooth Application
2. Cute and convenient packaging
3. Nice colors
4. One is very pigmented
5. Lip plumper doesn`t hurt
6. Nice smell

1. 2 colors are sheer
2. Not much effect from the lip plumper if not at all

Conclusion: This is a realyl nice products overall and I`m glad I got it for my birthday but if it hadn`t been a gift, I would not have bought it myself since this one alone costs $32.99 (i`ll link the place where you can buy it in the source link). For the amount of product you get, its not worth the price either. I`d recommend a Maybelline lipgloss over this because there is more product for better colors and a better price. You can find this a Sam`s for $19.99 for this, the complete makeup set, and the mascara duo which is how my mom got it. That saves alot of money!

Bottom Line: Yes I would recommend this to a friend because it is good quality.

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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