McDonald`s Strawberry and Creme Pie

5 years ago

This is a new limited edition pie McDonalds came out with. I happen to quite enjoy their apple pies, it being my favorite fast food variety dessert. When I heard they were selling Strawberry and Crème pies I knew I had to at least have one to try. So I did just that. I ordered one, which costs 89 cents. The pies are stored in McDonalds signature pie warming oven, so when you do get your pie it is warm. The pie looks different when compared to the apple pies. The strawberry and crème pie has a long slit on the top, where you can see the cream cheese and the strawberry filling. Initially when I pictured it in my head, I would assume it would be similar to a Danish (which it is in a way) but I thought the cream cheese would be on the bottom, the strawberry on top but its served along side of one another. This does make it easier to split with someone who may not necessarily like cream cheese or strawberry. I split this with my boyfriend and he didnt care for the cream cheese portion, so he split that off and just ate the strawberry side.

This is not an overly sweet pie, its mildly sweet and taste relatively good. Its not the best pie Ive ever had, but it was enjoyable. Id say the cream cheese had a bit of an artificial type of taste to it, or maybe it had too much sugar in it? But the strawberry portion was the game stealer. Together the two taste play off one another well, but the cream cheese mixture loses its flare. Would I repurchase again? Maybe. Maybe not. Its not something Id specifically drive thru McDonalds to order again.

Have you tried the strawberry and crème pies at McDonalds?
What is your favorite fast food dessert?

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