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3 years ago

If you live in Canada, you may have realized that McDonald`s has now introduced poutine to their menu!
Poutine is a Canadian dish with French Fries, Cheese curds and gravy. It is very rich, but it totally falls under the category of comfort food.

So being the proud Canadian that I am, I decided to try out the poutine for lunch one day. I liked the cardboard packaging they used for the poutine. It reminds me of the packaging at Smoke`s Poutinerie and Poutini`s (which are popular poutine spots if you couldn`t guess).Most fast food places that serve poutine serve it in plastic or Styrofoam containers where the heat and steam condenses and makes the fries soggy. This kind of packaging does a better job preventing that.

Moving onto the actual dish, the poutine is made with the McDonald`s shoe string fries that everyone knows and loves. Next, they have cheese curds, arguable the most important aspect of the dish! Many `poutine purists` (yep, people in Canada take their poutine seriously!) refuse to eat poutine if the curds don`t `squeak`. The best curds and soft and slippery and make a slightly squeaking noise when you squeeze or chew them. These curds weren`t the best, but they are much better compared to places like Burger King that serve poutine with sub-par curds. They even had a bit of squeakiness to them.

Moving onto the gravy -If it can be called that. My sister overheard a radio DJ reading off the list of ingredients (aka chemicals) that are supposedly used to make this gravy. And you can kind of tell when you are eating it that it isn`t really gravy. It has a strange consistency and while the taste is there, I couldn`t help but be grossed out by what my sister told me.

Overall, it was a better poutine than other fast food places normally serve, but it certainly isn`t as good as the real deal! :)

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