McDonald`s Oreo Cookies quotn` Cream Pie in Canada

5 years ago

Americans always get more tasty morsels than us and always get the better deals on everything. Let`s face it Canada our products are over priced and we are lacking a lot of tasty products, but not anymore. McDonald`s has come out with the Oreo Pie. Yes Oreo Pie lol. I was looking online before bed and saw this. The crust which to me looks like seaweed/nori, so from the outside it looks like a deformed sushi roll. The crust apparently tame in sweetness and has some crunch. The filling to me looks like either icing or melted marshmallow has flavor like the cookie frosting and "smooth, flowing form." It says the pies are 2 for $1.39 and I know they are available the the Montreal QC Mcdonald`s and there`s a fellow luuuxer there. I think someone should go taste it and report back lol. I am surprised it`s available here first since Oreo was made in New York City in 1912, yay fitness goal sabatoger hello ;) haha. If these are in fact available here. I will go test one out on the weekend for you guys and let you know how it faired. I will not be eating garbage like this during the week though lol.

Would you try the Oreo Pie?
You a little jealous it isn`t in the USA yet?

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