Maybelline XXL Mascara!

5 years ago

After 2 years this is officially dead!
Lol I mean this is officially done, its a goner!
Before is start, I think you guys are think:
- 2 years?
So year i got this for my sophomore year homecoming and since then I gotten high end mascara and kinda stopped using this. And this year I figure to finish this and it came to the point nothing was going on my lashes! When that time came I was like YES! My mom wants me to finish my mascaras so I was excited to have this done! 1 down more to go -__-
But anyways!

- Waterproof! Hold the curl PERFECTLY the way you curl them.
- Do not need the primer, the mascara alone is perfectly fine
- Last the whole day if you use A primer, I use my Clinique`s Mascara Primer
- Maybelline is available anywhere now a days lol
- This little tube lasts long lol; at least for me

- I dont know/ think they still sell this, if they do its in a different packaging.
- Primer can make the mascara look clumpy / chunky, unless you like that, but I dont like that at all!
- Primer dries up so quick that when you put on the mascara it makes it harder for the mascara to glide on your lashes
- Even if you put primer and go right for the mascara when you look up to see your lashes you will / can see the white spots of the primer. And that is hard to fix most the time unless you use a different mascara.
- Needs to have more mascara, or have just the Mascara and no Primer.

- Pretty good mascara
- Primer bad
- Nice for beginners, but over time the mascara power will die down, if that makes sense lol


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