Maybelline Volume Express Mascaras (REVIEW)

4 years ago

I recently bought the Maybelline Mega Plush mascara and the Maybelline Turbo mascara and just wanted to review it for you guys!

Mega Plush: The wand is pretty flimsy. It feels pretty lightweight, like it`s not a heavy formula and it feels like nothing is on your lashes which is good! After applying, your lashes will look better once your done than while it`s being applied. Because at first I was like ummmm this is not cool at all. But after a minute, it made my lashes look super long! It`s more of a natural look so it doesn`t look that clumpy unless you keep applying a looooot of coats. It`s hard to get into the inner corner lashes because it doesn`t have a tip that can access the inside corner lashes. But I really like the color of the bottle! Haha

Turbo: The wand is more firm. It gets clumpier way faster. It gives more volume than the Mega Plush. When you keep applying more coats, it tends to make your lashes stick together to another lash and gives it an even more clumpy effect. And it also looks like it`s not as separated compared to if you just applied one-two coats. But what I like about this that the Mega Plush doesn`t do is that it makes my lashes look darker and thicker than what it actually is. The Mega Plush, like I said, gives a more natural look so it looks like you don`t have any mascara on.

Both are good. They both give length to your lashes but the turbo gives more length than the mega plush. The mega plush has a natural look. The turbo looks nice with just two-three coats but after a certain amount it begins to look clumpy and not separated nicely. I feel like the mega plush can be a day time mascara and the turbo can be a night time mascara!

If you have used any of these before, please comment below on your experience and how you like it, or not like it haha.

*Picture is mine and thanks for reading!

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