Maybelline Popsticks Available In Germany!

Yesterday while in my local Müller I stumbled upon the Maybelline Color Sensational Popsticks. I know that these are old news to Luuux members in North America, but they`re relatively new to us in Germany. It seems I`m always having to wait a bit longer for new products, and movies to be released here.

I had stopped in Müller to just pick up a few thing things we needed and of course had to do a quick tour of the cosmetics section. As soon as I saw these I had to do swatches and of course see if they smelled nice (once again annoying Capt. Canada with my need to smell things). In spite of having read very mixed reviews on these and their ridiculous price tag, I thought I would go ahead and pick up just one. I`ll be honest, I was sucked in by how amazing they looked, the fact that they are a limited edition, and then there is my little lip balm addiction. The four colors available here are 010 Pink Sugar, 020 Tropical Pink, 030 Pink Lollipop and 040 Cherry Pop. I believe that there was also a fifth one available in the States, Citrus Shine, and for some reason the name for Tropical Pink in the US was Crystal Pink . Anyhow, I decided on 030 Pink Lollipop in the end and I think it`s worth mentioning that the packaging is kind of cute and this thing seriously looks like it glows, so cool! I purchased this last night so I`ve not had enough time to give a thorough assessment just yet. I am quite liking the very subtle tint this gives, however, I have already noticed that it doesn`t exactly have such a nice flavor unfortunately. Oh well, like I said I was admittedly drawn to the Popsticks more for their visual appeal anyhow.

Have you tried these out, if so what was your opinion of them?

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