Maybelline Luminous Lights - Opal Lights

This Fall, Maybelline New York released four new eyeshadow quads in their Luminous Lights edition, all the quads include light, sheer, shimmer shadows designed to illuminate the eyes and your makeup look. I first saw the advertisement in a magazine and the model is wearing the Opal Lights quad, so when I spotted these at my local Walmart, I picked up the same quad from the ad. The ad makes the quad look pretty colorful, just my style.

1. base: sheer baby pink shimmer
2. lid: sheer light chartreuse shimmer
3. crease: opal blue shimmer
4. liner: copper shimmer

The shadows swatch with some light color and heavy shimmer, the colors are definitely beautiful. BUT, when you wear the shadows as the palette instructs, they all pretty much look the same - all you see are some bits of shimmer. So, as for an eyeshadow quad to make a look with, I would not recommend this - as a palette of highlight shades to compliment makeup looks, I would highly recommend it! Think about all the eyeshadow palettes you see or buy or use, they all come with 1-2 highlight shades, and they are usually some type or white or cream. I have been LOVING the Opal Lights quad as my go-to highlighting palette, it has a permanent home in my collection. I`m actually thinking about getting their other three palettes because I`m really loving the idea of a tinted highlight to compliment my looks. Another fun use for these quads, dab a little shimmer on the center of your lid on top of a smokey eye and it really makes the look pop and glow!

Here`s a photo when I attempted to follow the instructions on the quad, believe it or not, I piled on the shadows and used a primer, you can barely see anything except for my eyeliner. The shimmer shadows do make my skin look pretty nice though, haha!

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