Maybelline Define-A-Line: Worst Drugstore Eyeliner

5 years ago

I got this product because one of my friends was using it one day, it looked like it worked pretty good for her because her eyeliner was always so dark and perfect, so I decided to get it. I didn`t ask her about the eyeliner or anything, I just got it the next time I went to Target. I used it for a couple of weeks since it was the only eyeliner I had, and it kept smudging throughout the day, and my friend who I said earlier was using it told me that it was the worst eyeliner and the only reason why she was using it at that time was to use it up. (I know that was kind of confusing but I hope you got the`m kind of confusing)

It really is horrible.<em>It`s extremely pigmented and creamy</em>, it was the dark black that I wanted, but then one hour later, I had raccoon eyes. <em>This eyeliner smudges like no other, it smudges like every hour</em> and I have to bring makeup remover with me to school and then I finally just gave up on it, it was too much work.

It`s only about what 5 or 6 dollars? But, still I could have bought an eyeliner from the drugstore that works good.

<strong>OVERALL: 2/5

If you`re looking for an eyeliner that is long lasting, it`s not this one. I will not be repurchasing this.

Have you tried out this eyeliner before? What`s your favorite drugstore eyeliner? ( I need some recommendations :) !)

--image is mine

<em>sorry that I didn`t show a swatch, i will probably still try to use this eyeliner up somehow...since i don`t like wasting my products</em>

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