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Hey Luuux!
So, I`ve been telling everyone how much I love the new Maybelline Color Whisper Lip Colors, so I thought it would be appropriate to post a review on them :) Although I do have some makeup hoarder-like tendencies, I`m actually not big ballin` enough to pick up every shade, so today I just have 3 to review for you ^^ If you`re interested, keep reading for more details/information!


<em>Reviews are in the order of the pictures above!</em>

<strong>_______45 Orange Attitude_______</strong>:
<strong>Color & Pigmentation</strong> - Bright almost neon looking orange with a slight coral undertone. Goes on much sheerer than in the tube, and the coral undertone comes out more in the swatches and on the lips. Sheer, but buildable. <em>(In the swatch picture, the left swatch is 1 swipe, and the right swatch is multiple swipes)</em>. You can wear it as a light tint of coral, or build it up to an opaque deep mandarin-coral on the lips (depending on your natural lip color, the shade may vary).
<strong>Texture & Application</strong> - Super smooth and buttery gel-like texture with a slight creaminess to it as well. Practically melts on the lips and glides on the lips like a dream.
<strong>Finish & Wear</strong> - 100% creme finish that provides a nice, healthy looking shine. Much more lightweight on the lips than the Revlon Lip Butters and most lipsticks. Feels decently moisturizing for the first hour, but after that it doesn`t feel like anything on the lips. The shine goes away after about an hour, but the true color seems to last for about 3-4 hours. I noticed a slight staining effect on my lips, which caused a more subdued coral color to last on my lips for about another hour.
<strong>Scent</strong> - This has a very light fruity cereal scent that I absolutely adore! For those who are sensitive to fragrances, this is not very noticeable unless you literally put them up to your nose. You can`t smell the scent at all when it`s on your lips.

<strong>_______30 Pin Up Peach_______</strong>:
<strong>Color & Pigmentation</strong> - Neutral peachy pink with fine iridescent shimmers. Again, it applies sheerer than it looks in the tube, but is buildable. On the lips, it`s a very natural pink that`s great for everyday.
<strong>Texture & Application</strong> - Same as above ^^ No grittiness at all, despite the shimmers in the product.
<strong>Finish & Wear</strong> - Gives the lips a nice and natural sheen. Not quite as shiny as Orange Attitude, but still healthy looking. You can only notice the fine shimmers when you look at your lips up close. Because this is a lighter shade, the color didn`t stain as well, and seemed to fade a little quicker. Overall, the sheen lasted about 1 hour, and the color lasted about 3 hours. This one, for whatever reason, doesn`t feel as hydrating as the others, but isn`t drying by any means.
<strong>Scent</strong> - Same as above!

<strong>_______25 Lust For Blush_______</strong>:
<strong>Color & Pigmentation</strong> - Neutral mauve-toned nudey pink. Applies sheerer than in the tube, but like the others, is buildable.
<strong>Texture & Application</strong> - Same as the above 2 ^^
<strong>Finish & Wear</strong> - Very beautiful shine, similar to Orange Attitude. 100% creme finish that`s lightweight and creamy at the same time. Being a lighter shade in the spectrum, the color doesn`t last as long. Doesn`t stain the lips, so overall lasts about 2.5-3 hours. The shine lasts about an hour like the others. Hydrating level is about the same as stated in the `Orange Attitude` review above :)
<strong>Scent</strong> - Same scent as the other 2!


<strong>_________Overall Rating_________</strong> 4.83/5.00:
<strong>Price</strong> (4.5): I`d say these are reasonably priced at the drugstore :) The retail price of these for me at Target was $5.99, but now they`re $5.49 each! With BOGO 1/2 sales or better, these are quite affordable and don`t put too much of a hole in your pocket!
<strong>Packaging</strong> (4.5): Very sleek and cute design. Love how the lids correspond with the lip colors :D The only thing I dislike about the packaging is that they don`t come with seals to prevent people from opening them at the store T_T It would be nice if they made it so you couldn`t open them in the store, but also provided a clear region at the top of the cap so that you could see the true color inside the packaging. Other than that, very nice snap closure lids and twist-up mechanism. Easy to throw in a purse on the go!
<strong>Shade Selection</strong> : Very nice shade selection! I believe there are 20 shades, ranging from light nudes, to bright pinks and oranges, to deep berry colors and plums :) I think there`s something for everyone!
<strong>Pigmentation & Wear</strong> : Not super pigmented in 1 swipe, but they are definitely buildable. I think some of the darker shades may provide more opacity, but the shades I have are quite sheer. I actually enjoy that factor because I love how easy they are to apply. The lasting-power isn`t incredible, but I don`t mind reapplying, so it`s not a big deal for me. They don`t claim to be long-wearing, so keep that in mind :)
<strong>Hydration</strong> (3.5): These don`t provide a ton of moisture (in my opinion), but they are not drying by any means. I fix that by simply applying a lip balm underneath, and it`s an even more amazing product on top of the base of hydration :D
<strong>Scent</strong> : Totally in love with the scent <3 If you`re a fan of the Maybelline Baby Lips in Quenched, then you`ll love this! It`s fairly similar, but a little less strong and slightly sweeter :)

That`s it for this review! Thanks so much for reading it, and I hope you found it helpful and informative. I apologize I didn`t have more shades to review for you, but hopefully you get the overall idea of the product ^^ I wish I had 1 darker shade to review, but unfortunately I don`t :T I love all 3 of these, but my favorite would have to be `Lust For Blush` <3 I highly recommend trying these out! If you`re on the fence about getting them, just pick 1 up to see how you like it :) They`re my new favorite lip products from the drugstore!

<em>Leave a comment down below telling me if you`ve heard about/tried these Maybelline Color Whispers too! Let me know what you think about them if you`ve tried them, and which ones are your favorite shades! ^^ If you haven`t tried them yet, tell me if you`d like to give them a try and what sold you! :D</em>

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