Maybelline Color Whisper

4 years ago

Last week I was browsing around Target and as I was passing through the cosmetics section I noticed several new product displays. One of them, which I hadn`t heard anything about, was for a Maybelline lip product. I took a closer look and discovered it was for their Color Whisper lipsticks. I was intrigued and had to purchase two of them to try out. Though I wanted quite a few of the colors, I settled on just two until I determined whether or not they were worth my money for more. I selected Pin Up Peach (love the name) and Coral Ambition. Looking at the tube and by the name of the product, I assumed they were going to be a more sheer lip color. I was correct. The bullet itself doesn`t look sheer or anything, but it seems every brand is coming out with a moisturizing, somewhat sheer lipstick/color. As you can see from the swatches, they don`t pack a ton of color. Some people will enjoy this, and others will say they hoped for more. Personally, I`m on the side of enjoying them. I have quite pigmented lips, and sometimes I just want a hint of change but nothing over the top. Also, for day wear, I enjoy something that is more of a light wash. This fits that bill. When I first bought and smelled these, I couldn`t detect any scent. However, when I was swiping them on I did notice a fruity or perfume scent. I couldn`t put my finger on what it was, but every time I applied them, I could definitely pick up on a fragrance. It took me several times wearing them to finally decide it was sweet and fruity....I think I am smelling a fruit loop cereal scent! It is different, but I like it! Over all, I think these are worth checking out. The ones I have go on more smooth and consistent than the Revlon Lip Butters (which I do really enjoy). They don`t seem to skip or look patchy. They feel nice on the lips, quite hydrating, with nice slip. These aren`t a long wearing color, though, so do keep that in mind. I bought mine at Target for $5.99. I`m sure we`ll be seeing these pop up in more stores and, hopefully, some sales will begin that include these. I would like to purchase a few more colors. All in all, these get two thumbs up from me!
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