Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Shadows

5 years ago

Everyone has been talking about the new Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadows. When I first heard about them I wrote them off. I hadnt found a single drugstore cream shadow that was worth getting. I have tried several in the past and always regretted it later. Theyd crease and fadethey were just trouble. However, I started to hear people say that these dont crease, will last for hours, and dont fade. Hmmm, interesting.. willing to try!

So, I bought 2 at first: Tough as Taupe and Edgy Emerald. I tried them out and decided I liked them enough to buy more. Currently, I own Tough asTaupe, Edgy Emerald, Too Cool, Bold Gold, And Bad To The Bronze. The color selection they have is BEAUTIFUL. I just wish theyd include a matte light flesh tone as well as a champagne color. Perhaps theyll expand, I dont know. That would certainly be nice.

While I like this, I will say they didnt perform in the way I was expecting (based on the rave reviews). On that same note, they didnt perform as horribly as I had originally expected (based on all other cream shadow products Ive tried). The first big thing that I noticed, and feared the most, was the creasing. They didnt crease NEARLY as much as a typical cream product does, BUT, within a couple of hours I did see creasing. So, for me, I have to wear a primer underneath. I wanted to give it a shot, though, because so many people said they didnt need their shadow primer with these. Well, I did.

Do they stand up to lasting 24 hours, as the packaging claims? I dont know.. I NEVER wear my makeup for 24 hours. I cant sleep in makeup. I just grosses me out, so I cant tell you if theyd last 24 hours. But, they do last all day. From the time I put them on in the morning until I am ready to wash it off at night, it remains on and the color has stayed true.

I find that I like to apply them with my finger. I just dont have an eye brush that is dense enough to apply it the way Id like. My finger works the best, currently. I dont swipe it on, either. I pick it up on my finger and then kind of pat my finger around my lid and once I have the color built up the way I want, THEN I sort of swipe to blend.

I have worn these alone and also with shadow over the top. They work nice on their own, but also make for fantastic bases for powder shadows. I want to try Edgy Emerald as a liner, but I havent done so yet. Id imaging theyd work well as a liner, though.

Over all, I do like them and find myself using them often now that I own them. I think theyre worth getting. Most people are having zero issues with creasing and even if you are someone (like me) who will experience the creasing, you can just use a primer and you are good to go!


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