Maybelline Color Tattoo-Barely Branded vs Barely Beige

4 years ago

I recently stumbled across the new Maybelline Color Tattoo collection while in a Meijer store. I decided to go ahead and pick up the two colors that had caught my attention because I know so many others haven`t been able to track these down in their area (yet). I didn`t want to come back later only to find them sold out. I only really wanted two: Inked In Pink and Barely Branded. Because Barely Branded has been suspected to be a dupe for Barely Beige (from their fall collection launch), I wanted to pick it up to compare for myself. I already have Barely Beige plus a back up, however, curiosity got the best of me. I will be posting up a review/my thoughts on Inked In Pink soon, but for now, this is just to compare and discuss Barely Branded. Here, you can see Barely Branded and Barely Beige in their pots, side by side. It is a bit difficult to tell here, but Barely Branded is slightly more golden champagne in color and Barely Beige is more golden-nude pink. Here they are again, but with the lid off so you can see directly in to the product. You can see I have been using my Barely Beige. When I took this photo I hadn`t used Barely Branded yet (but have since). They are extremely close in color, and I don`t have a preference between the two. I enjoy them both. When I put them on my skin, it is extremely difficult to tell a difference. The subtle difference (one being warmer and the other being cooler) doesn`t show up very strong on the lids. It just looks like a frosted, nude-champagne kind of color. However, I did notice a slight difference in the consistency. I can remember thinking that Barely Beige was super creamy and smooth when I first got it, and in comparison to some of the original Color Tattoos that were released in the first batch. I still think it is creamy and smooth. But, now that I have Barely Branded, I can safely say it is even more creamy than Barely Beige! It is the best of all of the ones I have tried. It is easy to apply, blends on well, doesn`t skip or create a patchy look on the lids, yet sets up nicely and holds up all day. It was a dream to work with. The differences were more noticeable on this swatch while in person. But, even in person it was extremely close. If you don`t already own Barely Beige, I think Barely Branded is an excellent one to pick up. I don`t feel as though you`d be missing out in the least. If you already have Barely Beige, I don`t think it is entirely necessary to run out and buy Barely Branded. That is, of course, unless you are like me and curiosity is encouraging the buy (which I totally understand!). My understanding is that, while Barely Beige was limited edition, Barely Branded will become a part of the permanent, core collection. This is good news for all of us who have wanted a good quality, affordable option for cream shadow/eyeshadow base! It would seem that a lot of places are selling these for between $6-$7 (and some change). I found mine at Meijer for $5.99. Since that was the cheapest I had heard of, and the only place, at this point, that I had seen them, I went ahead and bought it. These should start showing up in some BOGO 1/2 off sales, though, so you can likely get it for cheaper.
Please keep in mind, I am still playing catch-up so this was a post that went up on my blog back in early January. This collection has been out for a bit now.
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