Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Pinkalicious

5 years ago

Good morning beautifuls! I`m super happy to tell all of you that I finally found the lipstick that I lost at church about 3 months ago! I mentioned in one of my OLD posts that I lost this lipstick at church and that I really missed it because it was a beautiful color and just yesterday on our friday night program, I found it! I was delighted to get my beautiful lipstick back so that I could use it again and, of course, do a review :)

I like the packaging of this lipstick in general because, I mean, there`s nothing to dislike about it. The packaging is always in a semi-clear tinted plastic cap and while its convenient and looks decently attractive, I don`t like how the color doesn`t reflect the actual lipstick color all that much. In the pictures, you can definitely tell that the cap looks like a dark magenta color while the lipstick is actually a nice pink color. I have to say that the sticker on the bottom is pretty true to the color though. I have a lipstick from the same line as Pinkalicious (Peachy Scene) and the sticker on the bottom was true to color as well!

This particular shade was a 5 star out of 5 stars for me because it was smooth, creamy, and even. I loved how it felt on my lips and it actually moisturized my lips really well, or at least that`s what it felt like. Although I liked this one alot, I didn`t like the texture of Peachy Scene quite so much because it settled in my creases and wasn`t moisturizing. This lipstick is kind of a hit and miss depending on the color you choose. I would definitely recommend Pinkalicious as a good choice though!

COLOR- 5/5
I LOVE the color of this beautiful lipstick! Macbarbie07 from Youtube has this shade as well and she said she loves it for everyday lips which I 100% agree with. Its a really gorgeous natural pink color with a bit of a frosty sheen to it but not much at all. In the stick, it looks a bit darker than it actually comes out as you can see on my swatches.

For me, the pigmentation of this lipstick was definitely perfect. You can see with the first one coat swatch that it is really light and looks really weakly pigmented but that`s because I swatched it extremely lightly with almost no pressure at all. The second and 3rd swatches (which were, by the way, light swatches as well) looked real pigmented and nice. I loved the pigmentation and would say that the color really is sensational as the line suggests!

Before you take my opinion into consideration, you should know what it smells like first. It smells like a light vanilla scent which I know that lots of people happen to like but it was a miss for me just because I used to be obsessed with the vanilla scent and then I kind of got a bit sick of it. My friends all think it smells great though so its really up to you!

This product was a HUGE hit for me! It was the best lipstick I`ve ever tried and I love everything about it from its creamy texture to its wonderful pigmentation. I honestly have nothing to warn you about for this lipstick because there were no cons for me. I would 100% recommend this lipstick to anyone, even people who aren`t on a budget!

Have you tried this lipstick before? What did you think about it?

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