Maybelline Bouncy Blush In quotHot Tamalequot

5 years ago

After seeing so many reviews on the Bounchy Blushes from maybelline I finally decided to pick one up myself to see how i personally liked it. Alot of the feedback i heard from these blushes were negative with a few positive. I have to admit that the thought of a blush that is "bouncy" intrigued me. The concept itself is too cool to pass up..although i think that some cosmetic brandes know this and put out certain products with unique/different things to them to promote the makeup even if they arent that great of quality.

The shade that i decided on was "Hot Tamale" for two reasons. One, im pretty tan and i wanted a blush that would actually show up on my skin. And two, i heard that these blushes were pretty sheer and hardly held any pigment onto the skin.
Hot Tamale is a vibrant hot pink with a tad bit of a coral undertone to it. The texture of the blush is bizare..sort of like a "play doh". When you press your finger into the blush it leaves the does feel a little dry but the product seems to come off on your fingers pretty well.
When i first applied this blush i was worried that it wouldnt show up on my skin like i mentioned before im naturally tan and have that problem with alot of blushes. So, for that reason i found myself applying WAY more than i should have and ended up looking like a clown...haha. To say that my cheeks were rosey was an understatement.
I know alot of people have said that the bounchy blushes lack pigmentation but i didnt really have that problem with this particular shade. It wasnt extremely pigmented but its not a bad blush.
Overall i think this is a decent product. I havent tried any of the other shades but as for hot tamale i would say that its a decent blush. Would i spend $7-8 on it again? Probably not. I never have really been a fan of anything but powder blushes because my skin is oily they seem to work best for me..also, i do think that these blushes are a little over priced. If i could find them on sale then maybe i`d consider picking up another one.
In a nutshell, i dont dislike these blushes and i dont love them either. They`re "okay" but not something i would exactly recommend off the bat.

What do you think of Maybellines "Bounchy Blushes"? Do you own "Hot Tamale"? If not what shade do you have?

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