Maybelline BB Cream Review

4 years ago

During the summer months, I often find myself conflicted. Should I regularly wear sunscreen or not? After all, I do love getting a tan, but apparently my doctor thinks thats unhealthy (take a supplement). Fine.

Another thing I had to consider before having a fit is my post acne hyperpigmentation. When you have post acne or any type of dark marks sun protection is a must. Otherwise you end up prolonging the marks life because the sun only exacerbates them.

I dont just avoid sunscreen because of my love for tanning, most sunscreens especially when applied to my face irritate me. How so? Well, they tend to make my eyes red, itchy, watery, and burn-y, why would I do that to myself?

I discovered the less sunblock ingredients, the better, meaning avoiding artificial or chemical sunscreen agents. I find titanium dioxide sunscreens dont make me go crazy, but they come with a catch. Most titanium dioxide based sunscreens make ones skin appear to have a white cast, and if youre brown like I am, you will look grayish. Thats not cute, but what can sensitive people like myself do? Look to the makeup aisle!

I tried Maybellines Beauty Balm and I love it, with spf 30 its super blendable and since its tinted you dont have that gray or chalky skin effect. Its very lightweight and breathable and is great for someone like myself who has dark marks and wants to avoid feeding them with sunlight.

I have the balm in medium/deep and theres a deep color after that and it just ends. I like that Maybelline has one of the few BB Cream lines that goes to the darker part of the spectrum, but we could use a few more shades on this end, just saying.

Also this retails for close to $9 at a lot of stores, dont go to them if you can avoid it. Go to Walmart, its about $7.50 there. How do I know? I traveled about 3 hours to Walmart a month ago just to get this product for cheaper (and yes I planned it).

Has anyone else tried this product? What do you think about it? How do you protect your skin from the sun? I do believe putting on a product with sunscreen has really played a role in helping to retain all the positive work Ive managed to achieve dealing with fading my hyperpigmentation. Its not just me, the other day a friend remarked that my skin has really cleared up a lot.

I think this product is a keeper!

Anyone like this BB Cream too?

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