Maybelline Babylips pink punch first impression

4 years ago

I`ve been wanting to pick it up for such a long time, but it was sort of expensive for a lip balm in my opinion. So many people talked about it and loved it so I just had to get it. It was about $3.50 at Target but I had a $1 off coupon.

Packaging wise, I love it. It`s super cute.
However, rolling the product up, it feels cheap. I expected it to be like Nivea because of the packaging, but compared to the nivea one, it doesn`t roll up smoothly. Also, when you shake it, it makes a noise like the product is about to break off, which reminds me of wet n wild lipsticks. I know it`s not a big deal but I just notice things like that.

The smell..I think is amazing. It smells kind of like fruit punch? Which is probably why it`s called pink punch. And there isn`t really a taste besides maybe that fruit punch. So that`s a plus since I mainly base how I like lip balms off of that.

The color was the biggest thing I was skeptical of and if it would look okay since I`ve seen many people who weren`t able to pull it off. I think it was actually better than I expected, but just to be safe I think I`m going to layer it and put something else over it.

It feels smooth, sort of like nivea, soft lips, or the Revlon lip butters. It applies smoothly and from what I`ve seen, it doesn`t make your lips look dry. So I like that.

I wanted to compare the baby lips color to the lip butter in strawberry shortcake. The lip butter is darker and glossier than baby lips and is more pigmented. The lip butter seems to be more warm toned and baby lips is a little more on the blue toned side from what I see. However that being said, I like both. In the picture above, strawberry shortcake is on the left, pink punch on the right.

Would I repurchase? I don`t think so just because I want to try other colors that might suit me better like cherry me or try the newly released one.

Size is convenient

Internal packaging (not really a big deal)
Price (it`s not bad but I feel like it could be cheaper)
Color may not suit everyone

I would rate it a 8.5/10 overall.

*pictures are mine

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