Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine!

5 years ago

I hopped on the Maybelline Baby Lips bandwagon with everyone else when they were free at Target (with the combination of a couple coupons). I ended up getting three different ones and this one, Grape Vine, is the one I began using first! :)

The scent is really nice, just like grapes! And it tastes like it too, lol. The purple color does transfer to your lips if you put a lot on, but a quick swipe won`t really do too much (purple lips aren`t always the most attractive, but the purple color this one gives isn`t too bad). So, overall, the color and scent/flavor is rather pleasant :)

The formula is very moisturizing when you put it on and, at first, I really loved it! I was addicted to applying it every couple of hours because of how nice it felt. After a couple weeks of using it, though, I realized something: <strong>it was actually drying out my lips instead of moisturizing them. </strong>

Now, this may sound incredibly odd considering how everyone rages about how soft and moisturizing Baby Lips are - and it`s true, they are! - but when you step back and really look at what they do for your lips, it`s not that great. I realized the reason I was "addicted" to continually applying it was because I kept feeling my lips drying out more often than usual (of course, I didn`t realize it at the time). When I began thinking about, I realized that my lips are twice as dry as they normally would be after the lip balm wears off. Not cool! :/

I decided to do some research to find out why my lips were actually feeling drier after the lip balm wore off (which, when you think about, is the opposite of what lip balms are supposed to do - they`re supposed to help make your lips softer overall, not just right when you apply it!). I found that the leading ingredient is octinoxate, which is commonly used in lip products and sunscreens. The funny thing is, it`s a liquid and has been shown to not penetrate outer skin. So really, it just sits on top of your lips until it wears off. And, because it`s a liquid, it also evaporates. So basically, because it eventually evaporates, it sucks the actual moisture from your lips, which is why my lips were feeling drier once the lip balm wore off!

I hate to be the person to point out the flaw in Maybelline`s Baby Lips, but I wanted to be honest. Yes, they do feel very moisturizing when you put them on, but once it wears off in an hour or two, it actually makes your lips feel drier than before you even applied the lip balm to begin with. I`m currently trying to use this Grape Vine one up (it actually goes pretty quick! I`m almost done with it after just a few weeks!). I`ll still use the two other ones I have, but I don`t think I`ll be buying any more of them.

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