May 2013 Empties

3 years ago

May 2013 Empties

So since I spent half of May in Hong Kong I was able to finish a lot of travel sized and deluxe sized samples so I was pretty excited that my sample stash is shrinking a bit. But first Ill start with products I finished either before I left for Hong Kong or during the last few days of May:

1) Victorias Secret Tinted Self Tan Body Spray - I got this at last years semi annual sale for super cheap and I liked it. I think there are way better self tanners out there but this was super easy to use and gave a nice color. However it didnt fade away nicely and could make you look patchy as it wore off. If this was super cheap at another semi annual sale I would pick it up again since I found this to be my go-to self tanner for time crunches and for going out one night. I wouldnt pay full price for it.

2) Herbal Essences Drama Clean Shampoo - I like to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week and this one was just ok. I like the Pantene one better and I want to try the Granier Fructis one to see how that compares too. I got this on sale with a coupon so it was a pretty good deal. I would get this shampoo again if I could get a deal on it.

3 & 4) Pantene Classic Shampoo & Conditioner - Im pretty sure Pantene is my favorite drugstore shampoo & conditioner brand. My mom would buy it and I used it growing up. I dont like to use it all of the time though since my hair can get used to it. But every couple of months, I will go back to Pantene.

5) Origins Never A Dull Moment Scrub - I wasnt too fond of this one. Its way to gentle for my skin and I didnt feel like it exfoliated enough. Now if you have super sensitive skin or like extremely gentle scrubs you will like this. I just need something way stronger! It smelled really good though - like apricots.

6) Philosophy Purity - I loved using this with my Clarosonic. I bought this and a back up on Black Friday from Sephora for only $10 each! This one bottle lasted me 6 months. Im going to try out a couple other cleansers before opening my back up bottle. But I love this stuff and would repurchase it for sure. (Hopefully Sephora will have the same deal this year!)

7) Maybelline Falsies Mascara - OMG I love this stuff!! This is now my favorite drugstore mascara. The only thing is this was waterproof and Im definitely going to get the regular formula next time since this stuff stayed on like crazy and I dont want to rub my eyes too much when removing mascara. I also want to try the Flared version as well. Once I finish up some tubes of other mascaras I have I will definitely be repurchasing!

8) Benefit Bad Gal Mascara - Didnt like this at all. Im obsessed with Theyre Real so I thought I would like this too but thank god I only got the sample size because this was WAY too dry and difficult to work with and didnt even make my lashes look good.

9) LOreal Eye Make Up Remover - I got this little sample with a face wash and I didnt really like this. It didnt really get off the waterproof mascara and it felt kind of greasy. This does not compare to the Lancome one at all! Thankfully I never bought a full size of this.

10) Bath & Body Works Beautiful Day perfume spray - I got this little travel sized spray on sale when Beautiful Day was first introduced. I liked it even though it smells like apples, which I usually dont like, it smells very fresh and girly. I actually got the fine fragrance mist of this as a free gift and couldnt be more excited.

11) Benefit The POREfessional - One of my favorite primers! Im sad to see this empty since it lased a long time and only means that now I need to shell out $30 for the full size

12) Miracle Skin Trasformer Vanish Instant Imperfection Corrector - I got this in a Birchbox and used it as a primer since it had that silicone feeling. I didnt notice anything different. I love this brand but this just didnt do anything. There were still imperfections - nothing was instant. It has 4.5 out of 5 stars on, but for $58 I wouldnt recommend this to anyone

13) Stila HD Beauty Balm - Another sample I got in a Brchbox. This was not a very good BB cream. This was definitely a tinted moisturizer that Stila probably just called a BB cream to try to appeal to the BB cream craze. It was so sheer and I didnt feel like it even moisturized that well. There are so many more BB creams out there - dont get this one!

Now heres everything I finished in Hong Kong:

14) Yes To Blueberries Facial wipes - These are some of my favorite wipes! They removed my make up and they dont have a weird scent like most wipes and they dont sting. Ive gone through so many packs of these and this travel sized one had 8.

15) Vichy Cleanser - This was a good cleanser. It got the job done. I have a few Vichy samples that I cant wait to use. I think its going to be a good brand for me.

16 & 17) Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo & Conditioner - Love Pantene! It was very humid and hot on some days and I felt disgusting at the end of the day and this just made my hair feel very clean.

18) Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo - Got this from Birchbox and I wouldnt consider this a clarifying shampoo. I dont think its strong enough for oily hair.

19) Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner - This is my second travel sized finished bottle of this. I would definitely buy the full size. I always take this with me when I travel.

20) Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle - Another Birchbox sample and this was amazing! Im definitely going to use my points to purchase this! It made my knotty hair SO easy to detangle and was also a heat protector so I didnt have to pile on products and made my hair feel light. Love love love this!

21) Softsoap Pomegranate Body Wash - Standard body wash. Definitely prefer my Lush or Bath & Body Works ones more. But since it was travel size I brought it along. I will probably bring something else when I travel. I wouldnt purchase the full size of this.

22) Urban Decay De-Slick - I liked it but dont know if I would buy the full size yet. I have another travel sized bottle of this so Im going to keep using it and Ill try to decide. I have really oily skin and this helps for the first couple of hours but I still get really shiny later in the day. Maybe theres no hope for me lol

23) Melvita Floral Water - Birchbox does it again! I really liked this and used it as my toner. I had the rose scent but there are others on I think I want to get the lavender one but Im afraid it wont be as good as this rose scent.

24) Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum - This reminds me of The Body Shops Tea Tree Oil but this is an intense version. It really helped with blemishes but I cant stand that scent. Im not sure if I would purchase the full size. I also go this from Birchbox.

25) Sephora Instant Moisturizer - This was ok. It got the job done but I wont be purchasing the full size.

26) Juice Beauty CC Cream - Didnt really like this. I felt greasy when I wore it.

27) Tarte Brazilliance Maracuja Self Tanner - I liked this self tanner. It was a nice color and it was very dark. You definitely need a glove for this. I would buy the full size of this.

28) Bath & Body Works Forever Red perfume - I also bough this on sale when Forever Red first came out. I like this scent - I dont know why its more expensive than all of the other BBW products but I do have the lotion now and I still love the scent!

What did you finish in May? Have you tried any of these products?

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