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4 years ago

I just got my glossybox USA in the mail not even 10 mins ago and I took pictures as I opened the box and I am now writing my post of my first impression of the first PAID USA Glossybox.

First thing I noticed adorable packaging. Very cute. Once you open the outside box you see a very pretty very sturdy pale pink box with Glossybox logo in the center. Once I opened the box it was presented nicely with a pretty dusty rose ribbon and black tissue paper with a glossybox logo sticker sealing the tissue paper. Presentation A+ it is super cute.

I thought when you opened the box on top of the ribbon you were suppose to get a black envelope with a trend guide etc I didn`t get that. I just got a simple card that is standard with all subscription services giving a quick welcome and telling you what is in the box and the theme for the month. The theme was Beauty Around the World this month.

The first thing I pulled out of the box was a Zoya nail polish in the colora Myrta. It is a orange coral color with red undertones and has what looks like silver and gold shimmer/glitter. Not a color I would wear but I may try it I don`t know yet. I am not big on nail polish I own maybe 5 total. Nail polish chips & peels on me no matter what I do so it`s never been something to get me super excited. It is full size and has a value of $8.00. This was the product picked from the USA. Also Birchbox & other subscription services send out zoya polishes and they are only $10 a month Glossybox in the USA is $21. I know it is cheaper in other countries but here in the USA that is what it costs.

Next was a product from Italy that I have seen many times before. I believe Birchbox even sent it out once. It is the Marvis Whitening toothpaste. It is 1.23oz and that is a full size as well and worth $7.50. When I opened the box it was very strong mint scent. I didn`t have it near my nose at all and I could smell it. Not that it is a bad scent I love a mint smell just an observation. But it is toothpaste and not anything new to me. I will try it and see if I like it but it`s nothing that I am going to get super excited about. Come on be honest who gets excited about tooth paste? lol.

The next thing was just an extra it is a goat hair Blush Brush. It is a little scratchy but I will have to test it out to see if it is something I will use daily or not.

Next was something from France. A brand finally that I personally had never heard of before it is Phyto. Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask for dry hair. Full size is 6.7 ounces and sells for $38.00and we got 1.7 ounces. So that is about $9.50 worth of product I think I could be wrong. I have never used a hair mask before and my hair can get dry at the ends so I am excited to give this a try. What I like is in the box it comes with a folded paper which I am guessing is instructions and more about the product. I didn`t look at it or pull it out of the box so don`t take my word on that it is just a guess.

Next another item I had never heard of this time from South Korea. Amore Pacific moisture bound refreshing hydra-gel. The full size of this is 1.7 ounces & costs $100. WHAT? LOL that is insane to me. :) We got 0.27 ounce which is about $16 worth of product. The color of the gel is pretty and I like the packaging. There is a mirror on top so when this product is used up I will be cleaning out the package and keeping it for something else maybe depot a lipstick or lipgloss. This product also had a folded up piece of paper inside the box that I would again guess is instructions and more info about the product.

The last product is something I believe I`ve seen in UK glossybox the same color and everything. Makes sense since this product is from the UK. It is a Burberry beauty lip mist natural sheer lipstick in copper no 202. The full size product is 0.12 ounces & sells for $30 and we got .028 ounces so that`s about $6.76 worth of product. I haven`t swatched the color but it is very very very tiny smaller then my pinky and the product inside is of course even smaller. It will be fun to try and say I have worn a $30 lipstick but I would NEVER pay $30 for a lipstick I would take that money and go to a hockey game or buy a perfume lol. But we all have things we like to splurge on and if lipstick is one of those things for you then enjoy it and don`t let anyone say you are wrong for doing it.

The total worth of the box not including the brush is $47.76 give or take a few dollars. I paid $21. Not bad but not great either. I am not super excited with this box but on 1st impressions only I liked some of the products but I could have done without this box this month. I will give it another month or 2 before I decide if I am going to quit or stick with it. Personally I loved Canada`s box this month. I have liked all their boxes minus the 1st one I am hoping that will be the case with the USA glossybox as well I guess we will see.

Did you get your glossybox? What did you think of the products. What do you want to see in next months glossybox? If you aren`t subscribed does this box make you want to subscribe?

Note: I paid for this box with my own money it wasn`t sent to me all opinions are my own I have nothing to do with glossybox. All pictures taken by me.

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