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Maximum Ride Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
Maximum Ride: School`s Out Forever
Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports
Maximum Ride: The Final Warning
MAX: A Maximum Ride Novel
Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel
Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel
Nevermore: A Maximum Ride Novel
Author James Patterson
Country United States
Language English
Genre Thriller, Young-adult fiction, Science fiction
Publisher Headline[1]
Little, Brown and Company[3]
Published April 11, 2005 present
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)

Maximum Ride is a series of young adult science fiction and fantasy novels by American author James Patterson. The series chronicles the lives of six fugitive kids Max, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Nudge, and Angel known collectively as the Flock. Bred in a laboratory called the School, they endured scientific experiments that rendered them 98% human and 2% avian.

In the first three books of the series, the Flock spends much of their time running from human-lupine hybrids (called Erasers) created by the School. Book 4 is mainly about the Flock rising against global warming, whereas Book 5 is about saving Dr. Martinez while battling environmental pollution. Book 6 is about rescuing Fang, and Book 7 is about stopping the Doomsday Group from destroying the world`s population of non-mutated humans. The books are divided into two sets: The Fugitives (books 13) and The Protectors (books 47). The series shares a few similarities with two of Patterson`s previous books, When the Wind Blows and The Lake House.

Patterson recently announced that the series would end with an eighth book in February 2012, but the release date was later changed to August 6th, 2012. Patterson said the eighth book will be titled Nevermore, as announced at his book talk for charity at Lincoln Hall.[4]

PlotMaximum Ride: The Angel Experiment focuses around the rescue of Angel, the youngest member of the Flock. The Flock has been living in a secret house in the mountains for years after escaping from the School with help from Jeb Batchelder, but after being attacked by a pack of Erasers (human-lupine hybrids) they have no choice but to leave their home. During the attack, the Erasers manage to kidnap Angel and take her to the School, which is the lab where the flock was once held and experimented on by the Whitecoats, or in other terms, crazy-insane, insane-crazy scientists. After Angel is captured, the flock has to face their worst nightmares and return to the School to save her. Max is deeply confused when she finds that Jeb Batchelder--the man who had rescued the flock from the School and become a father figure to the flock before disappearing two years before--has reappeared but sided with the Whitecoats and, meanwhile, his son Ari was transformed into a blood-thirsty Eraser. As Max focuses on looking after the Flock and saving Angel, she is also struggling with a Voice in her head that gives her annoying, but useful information in the most complicated ways. The Voice also tells her that she was created to save the world. After rescuing Angel, The Flock flees to New York City, where they start trying locate a mysterious industry titled `The Institute for Higher Living`, in order to uncover information about their parents. Max also meets Ella, a girl who she rescued from a gang of bullies, and her mother, Dr. Valencia Martinez. Total, a black Scottie is also added to the group after the Flock breaks into the Institute and releases all of the "experiments" and human-animal hybrids held there.

Maximum Ride: School`s Out--Forever begins with the Flock heading off to look for their parents using papers with a computerized code that they had obtained at the Institute for Higher Living. On the way, they run into flying Erasers (with deformed, patched-on wings), including Ari. After a fight with Ari, Fang suffers injuries worse enough to need medical treatment at a hospital. FBI agent Anne Walker and her colleagues question members of the Flock for information about the School and its experiments. She offers her home for residence while Fang recovers (even though he healed in only a few days.) The only catch was that the Flock had to allow Anne Walker to ask them questions about the lab known as the School. The Flock agrees, and eventually they are enrolled into a real school. While at the school, Max witnesses Fang kissing a girl named Lissa, nicknamed by Max the `Red-Headed Wonder`. Shortly after, most likely out of jealousy, Max starts to go out with a boy named Sam. The principal of the school works for the Institute (for the Higher Living) and almost traps the Flock at the school. Once they return to their residence, Anne Walker reveals herself as the leader of the labs that created the flock and max, and even offers the to adopt the flock. Later, Max is kidnapped and replaced with a clone known as Max 2 that has her appearance but acts entirely different from the original Max. In the end, Max discovers that she was set up to kill the Max 2. Max cannot bring her to destroy the other Max, and escapes with the Flock after Gasman and Iggy set off one of their handy-dandy bombs.

In Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, the Flock must save the world from the Itex Corporation (the company behind the School, and also connected to the Institute for Higher Living) and its Director, who plans to terminate and destroy all recombinant species and cut the Earth`s population in half (otherwise known as the By-Half Plan). Meanwhile, the Erasers have been replaced with the flying, robotic Erasers called Flyboys. As this is happening, Fang tries to persuade Max to find a permanent home where they can live in peace and forget about the world, only caring about themselves and the Flock. Max invites Ari (the last remaining Eraser and Max`s half-brother) to join the group after escaping from the School once more, causing Fang, Iggy, and the Gasman to leave the Flock in protest, leaving only Max, Nudge, Angel, and Ari. In the end, Ari dies because of an expiration date that appeared on the back of his neck, revealing the date that he would die. The group reunites and Max discovers that Jeb Batchelder is her father, and her mother is Dr. Valencia Martinez, a kindly veterinarian from the first book (Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment). Max also begins to realize that she may have romantic feelings toward Fang.

In the fourth book, The Final Warning, the Flock flies out of a government meeting set up to decide--what the government officials think--is best for them. Later, they go to Antarctica at Jeb Batchelder and Dr. Valencia Martinez`s request, where a team of scientists needs their assistance in studying ocean pollution level. There they fight an international organization led by the Uber Director, who intends to auction off the Flock to corrupt leaders of foreign countries to be used as weapons and/or mercenaries. When Angel, Total, and Akila go after a baby penguin in the midst of a blizzard, they trap themselves inside some type of chasm. Max and Fang begin to worry, and head off to find them. Once they were all together, they were forced to refuge inside a hole-cave to keep safe because of a monstrous blizzard. In the midst of this, the Uber Director`s team fines them and capture them along with Nudge, Gazzy, and Iggy. They are taken to Miami. The Flock defeats the Uber Director in the midst of a hurricane and makes their escape. Meanwhile, Total grows wings of his own and falls in love with Akila, an Alaskan Malamute. Max and Fang kiss a few times, and Max starts to acknowledge her feelings for him even more then before.

At the start of MAX: A Maximum Ride Novel,the Flock is attacked by bionic assassins (which Max nicknames M-Geeks) at environmental awareness shows in Los Angeles and Mexico City. Later, the government enlists their help in finding out what is destroying hundreds of ships and killing millions of fish off the coast of Hawaii. While the Flock is undertaking the task, a criminal mastermind is tracking their every move. Then, Dr. Martinez (Max`s mother) is kidnapped and held hostage. The Flock takes a submarine down to the ocean depths, fends off hordes of M-Geeks and rescues Dr. Martinez from an underwater dome as it starts to flood. During their struggles, Fang and Max`s relationship grows stronger, and Max feels that she loves Fang.

In Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel, the Flock travels to Africa to aid the people there. They meet Dr. Hans, a former Itex worker, and Dylan, another human-avian hybrid designed to be Max`s "perfect other half." After a prophetic statement from Angel stating that Fang will die soon, Max is traumatized and starts spending more time with him. Dylan joins the Flock, and they return to their newly rebuilt home in the mountains. Max and Fang are told to leave the Flock because they are more focused on their personal relationship than the surrounding dangers. Angel becomes the new leader of the Flock and gets rid of the rules Max set up for them. Eventually the group reunites, but Fang is captured by Dr. Hans and his heart stops while he is being experimented on. The Flock rushes to save Fang, Max admits she loves Fang in order to try to wake him up then Max stabs his heart with an adrenaline shot and revives him. Dylan also injects himself in a suicide attempt, but fails. In the epilogue, Total and Akila are married, and Fang leaves Max a note saying that the Flock is in danger with him there, and that he will meet Max again in 20 years.

In Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel, Max hasn`t gotten over the fact that Fang has left her, so she has to go live with her mother because she won`t take care of herself. But Max is slowly starting to warm up to Dylan despite her mixed feelings in the sixth book. Meanwhile Fang starts his own gang which includes Max`s clone, now called Maya. The two teams join forces in Paris to stop an organization known as the Doomsday Group from killing themselves in order to save the planet. Max is hurt even more after Fang asks her to come and help them, making her feel like she`s just Fang`s audience of one. They fight a lot, but Angel breaks them up. Everything goes awry when the Gazzy fails to disarm all the bombs under the gathering spot. The bombs explode while Fang, the Gazzy, and Angel are still in the blast radius. Fang and Gazzy make it out safely, but Angel is missing, leaving everyone heartbroken. In Angel`s epilogue it said she was still alive, but her whereabouts were not specified.

According to an article by the publisher, the final book in the Maximum Ride series, is going to come out in February. However, the release date was later changed to August 6th, 2012.

[edit] Characters[edit] Maximum "Max" RideMaximum "Max" Ride is a title character and the main protagonist of the series. She is a 14-year-old (15 in Fang) avian-human hybrid and the leader of the Flock. Max is described as a tomboy, with a witty and sarcastic attitude but with a soft side. She has brown hair with blonde streaks and brown eyes, however, in MAX she is described as having brown hair with little streaks. Some fans think it might be because Angel and Gazzy already have blonde hair yet only Nudge has brown hair. Max is five feet and seven inches tall and and weighs 100 pounds as described in The Final Warning. Max has a 13 foot wingspan. She has tanned skin, and is half Hispanic as described in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. In MAX Max has an affair with Fang in the desert after talking to him about Nudge wanting to cut her wings off, she holds her fear and stays. Later the Flock meets Dylan who, according to Dr. Gunther-Hagen, is Max`s "perfect other half". Max begins to feel an attraction for Dylan. In Angel she and Dylan grow closer, confusing her feelings about Fang who begins to grow closer with Maya, who is essentially Max`s clone.

Max is one of the two members of the Flock who found her parents; Iggy is the other. Yet she is the only one to like her parents, Iggy leaving his after only a week or so. She was stunned when she learned that Jeb Batchelder (a "white coat" who helped them escape from the school and then raised them) is her father. Dr. Valencia Martinez is her biological mother. Max trusts Dr. Martinez completely, but remains wary of Jeb. She is also close to her half-sister, Dr. Martinez` daughter Ella. Max first meets Ella while trying to save her from some bullies. Max dislikes and somewhat likes Ari (Jeb`s son), with whom she is constantly fighting until he joins her "mini-flock" that was created in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports for a short time after rescuing them from the School. A short while after Ari is rescued from the School, he expires ("white coat" word for died). After Ari`s "death" the two mini-flocks created by Max and Fang come back together.

Max has a Voice in her head, which gives her cryptic messages that she sometimes disregards. She initially feared that it was an enemy inside her, or someone from the School tracking the Flock. At one point Max believes the Voice to be Jeb Batchelder`s; she is later disappointed when he assures her he is not the voice, but he can be.

In Angel, Max lets Dylan replace Fang. She was angry that Fang replaced her with her clone, and she figured out the clone`s name was Maya. Also Fang created a new "flock" with all kinds of new talents. This deeply pains Max. There is also the doomsday group. They put a strange spell-like hypnosis on people so they act like zombies and believe in nothing but the "One Light". So, Max`s flock and Fang`s flock are forced to work together. Max and Fang fight almost nonstop, so this plan was not a success. In the end, Angel goes missing after a huge explosion.

Max can fly incredibly fast, hitting speeds over 300 miles per hour, unlike any other member of the Flock. And in MAX, it turns out she has gills like Angel. Her bird DNA may have come from a hawk, since her wings are mostly brown with long white feathers.

[edit] FangFang is 14 years old (15 in Fang and "Angel"). He is second in command of the Flock and Max`s best friend (and later her boyfriend). A possible candidate for the movie roll is Matt Prokop. Fang is able to virtually disappear by staying very still and quiet. He is somewhat stronger than the rest of the flock, often sustaining near-fatal wounds.( See books one and two.) He also develops "gill power" at the end of MAX. Fang almost always wears dark clothing and always seems to be sneaking up on Max. He has dark hair and eyes with olive skin. He may have Raven DNA as his wings are black and large in comparison to him. In "The Angel Experiment" he found out that the School took him after he was born. His mother had put him up for adoption and was later tol

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