Maxim Antiperspirant - excessive sweating treatment (Hyperhidrosis)

4 years ago

Hello Guys,

Since I was a little girl, I always had problems with excessive sweating, also know as Hyperhidrosis. I tried all the possible products, deodorants, natural deodorants, sage tea, but nothing worked for me. Social effects of excessive sweating are very embarrassing. However, few of those who daily face excessive sweating problems considered it to be a disease and, therefore, do not address their doctor for obtaining a medical treatment, but seek other solutions, which most often are ineffective .

Searching on the internet, I discovered that many people praise The Maxim Roll on deodorant for getting their excessive sweating gone. So I started reading all kind of forums and opinions of different people who had success using the Maxim Antiperspirant. I was determined to buy this for myself. And so i did. I placed my order on website, and it arrived after a long long month of waiting. At the beginning, I was very relucatant as I was dissapointed by every product I used until that point. I must admit they I never believed it could work, but it did. After just one week of application.

Unlike other conventional deodorants, Maxim ® deodorant should be applied underarms once a day, ONLY at night, before going to bed. Thats what they recommend. At the beginning of the treatment you should use it twice a week, than you could ned up using it even ONCE a month, depending, ofcourse, of how your body will react to it.

This amazing antiperspirant roll-on, is based on an aqueous solution containing a chemical very strong, aluminum hydrochloride, at a rate of 12.5 to 15%. SO it should be applied in a thin layer underarms, or else you may experience Side effects such as itching or burning sensation, like I did. These side effects are very rare, but unfortunently I experienced them. I honestly can say, that I almost was about to quit this treatment during the first week of using, as I I could not bear anymore the itching side effect. And I couldnt scratch because I could do more harm than good to my underarm skin. I guess, it was a reaction to the high concentration of aluminum hydrochloride.

Stubborn as I was, i resisted the itching sensation, as I saw the positive effects this antiperspirant had on my excessive sweating. Now, I dont have this problem anymore, it doesnt itch anymore.

Indeed, the nightmare of excessive sweating can be stopped using deodorant MAXIM ®, produced and distributed worldwide by Coradia HEALTHCARE Inc.. the United States, where, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, more than seven million people suffer from hyperhidrosis.

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