Maui sunrise from haleakala summit

4 years ago

Day one in Hawaii the other day and the first thing my whole family and I did was wake up at 3am and watch the Maui sunrise! Yes I said 3am! We had to drive up to the summit Haleakala which has an elevation of about 10,000 and thats where we watched the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. We had to wake up at 3am because its about and an hour and a half drive from where were staying and. The road up there is also one lane up and one lane down so its a slow drive especially since there are also a lot of people going up there as well as tour buses. Sunrise was approximately at 5:58am on this particular day so we ended up getting up to the summit at 5am. We stayed in the car for a while because it was EXTREMELY cold! You would think that since its Hawaii it would be all warm, but now it was like 35 degrees but not only that it was super windy. There was so many people up there wearing so many layers of clothes plus blankets and towels that they got from their resorts. I was freezing since I was wearing jeans and just a cardigan and a jacket over that. My fingers literally got numb while I was carrying my camera trying to take pictures but with the wind it made it harder because the wind was very strong so I had to anchor myself down to the railings just to take some decent pictures.
Once we got up there we wanted to stay in the car for as long as possible before going out to the viewing area because you cant see the sunrise from the parking area but we couldnt stay in the car long or else we wouldnt have a place to stand with a great view. So I was standing out in the cold for like 30 minutes waiting for the sunrise holding my Nikon while my fingers got numb!
The view is seriously amazing! You can see over the clouds and you can also see the sunrise over the clouds! Seeing it totally made the morning wake up and drive worth it! If ever your in Maui you gotta stop by and watch the sunrise!

<em>Have you ever been to Maui before? If so, what are you favorite place to visit in Maui?</em>


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