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Matryoshka Makeup by PUPA

`Puposka World รจ la Collezione` is an Italian makeup beauty collection dolls from PUPA. If you a strange strange matryoshka obsession you will definitely love this make up packaging. This makeup dolls first arrived in Italy for PUPA and they still have the latest this Natale 2010. I`ve been amazed how cute these dolls are, they are handy and you can bring them whereever you want complete all the makeup goodness. Since it`s an Italian brand, it has high quality & elegance.
Each doll makeup costs 12.00 to 16,90, depending on the size. See source link fro reference.

Source link: http://www.pupa.it/ita/cofanetti/puposka/Product/puposka-collection-pop-grigia.aspx