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4 years ago

Mathieu~ is a fashion luxury brand.We started in 2010.A team of young designers who worked for famous brands like Louis Vuitton and Prada. ~Mathieu~ Fashion Luxury Brand in essence represents a brand that it is strictly destinated those who wants to wear something else,something that hasn`t been worn until now.We want to bring a lot of eccentric but at the same time carefully built products: art combinated with fashion,the abstract concept with luxury,new ideeas from technology with oldies accessories and metalic ones,all these products being totally unusual,having a precise destination: our ~Mathieu~ customers around the world.Our designers are young and talented(painters,designers) a team that brings a new vision to the clothing.
~Mathieu~ collections changed a lot over time,in clothing,hairstyle,accessories,make-up,depending on each of the designer`s view.Everything is personalised,meaning that every model is unique.Before we start a new shoot,everything is well prepared,choosing the best location,clothing,make-up and so on.
This brand is meant to be in the future a powerful competitor on the fashion and luxury market,everything that we do is handmade and carefully designed,our attention being focused on the details,because the details make the difference.
The ~Mathieu~ project was born from passion,a passion for art,fashion and luxury.We want to bring into the public`s eye the most outrageous creations of our workshop in order to make you understand our concept.The MATHIEU.RO***~Mathieu~ Fashion Luxury Official Website ( http://www.mathieu.ro) platform was created especially for you,as clients and as we said earlier,for a better understanding of what we do.This site was created in more official languages from arround the world and it has attractive and unique,flash built web pages.
The ~Mathieu~ products are also painted,by our painters,with special phosphorescent materials licensed by the owner of this brand.
Each product is conceived and developed in~Mathieu~ workshops,our furnisher being one of the best.The experience that we gained working for luxury brands as: Louis Vuitton,Prada Milano,Bally,Spalding & Bross, Le Tanneur,etc helped us to offer our clients the quality,design and uniqueness that they are looking for.The path that we have chosen is not easy,we all know that,but with hard work comes great results.We have sacrificed our personal lives in the name of our creations,and this thing can be seen in every product.
Many of our clients are overwhelmed by the big difference between our brand and others,that is why we have decided to continue this unique project because we now have the chance to realize products that are totally special,with no limits,something that hasn`t been seen before.

FASHION***MATHIEU.RO***~Mathieu~ Fashion Luxury Official Website

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