Mason JArs Design DIY Hand Soap Dispencer

If you like Mason Jars and dont want to throw them away or give them away or if there just sitting in your basement,closet or attick you can now find MANY MANY DIY Mason Jar projects. This particular one is my favorite because as you know the plastic soap dispensers are light wait and when you go to pump out the soap the bottle moves on you. I made two of these for both of my bathrooms and got the idea from On there website it shows you have to buy the soap pump lid and the glass jar, BUT all you have to do to make your own is if you already have the jars and lids is find an old soap bottle that is empty and you can use it for the mason jars by cutting a hole in the top of the mason jar lid (But make sure you dont cut yourself,be very carefull). You can go to your hobby store and find a tool for cutting metal its much easier than trying to cut it with a knife or sharp object that wont really work right. Once you cut the hole to fit the size of your soap pump put it threw the top and make sure it fits snugg so it dont fall inside the jar, Sometimes you can find the stainless steel soap pumps which will work alot better than the plastic ones because the plastic ones can break after long periods of use, the metal ones will last alot longer than the plastic ones. Once you get the plastic pump in the top of the lid you can glue it if you want or leave as is so you can take it out and wash it. I sealed mine with a little bit of clear caulking,you can peal off the clear caulking later if need be. I also put a pretty fake flower in the jar with the soap to give it more of that country look. If you find a soap dispenser pump and the tube is to long just cut some of it off, but not to much to where the tube wont get all the soap out when low. Find more Mason Jar DIY crafts at I love these DIY projects. :)....IMAGE CAME FROM

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