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3 years ago

MASON JARS!!!! My newfound love! They are so useful and versatile. :)

I`ve been loving mason jars lately because they`re... Well, awesome! They`re made of glass so they everything-safe... Microwave-safe (remember to take off the lid!), oven-safe, freezer-safe, refrigerator-safe boiling water-safe, sit-on-the-shelf-safe, rodent-safe (rodents can`t chew through glass).... You get the picture... They`re glass and pretty much air-tight so they won`t absorb funny smells in the fridge or freezer. They won`t stain and don`t hold odors in case you forget to clean it out (yikes!). They`re easy to clean if you have the wide mouth ones, or have small hands because you can just stick your hand and the sponge inside. They`re portable, great for portion control, and just all around awesome.

Lately, I`ve been packing my lunch for work in them. They`re small enough that I can just shove it in my purse (also, I have a big purse so that helps...). I just take off the lid, pop them in the work microwave for a minute, then I have a nice hot lunch! :) I also don`t have to worry about what I pack for lunch either; don`t have to worry about spicy oil staining the container as I would with a plastic container. I can put something hot (handle with care!) or cold in there.

I`ve also been taking to filling basically everything in them around my home! In the picture, I have 2 jars of granola (left and right), some madeline cookie batter that`s resting/waiting to be baked (second from the left), and some almond flour (second from the right)! They`re really good for storing grains because of their thick shell. Rodents can`t eat through glass (if you have a rodent that can eat through glass... You have bigger problems on your hand and should probably evacuate your home for a little bit...), and you can throw them in the freezer to kill all those little germs without worrying about the grains absorbing the freezer`s smells.

Do you use Mason Jars? If so, what do you use them for? :)

MasonJars storage glass pantry

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