Mascara Tips and Tricks!

4 years ago

Mascara, mascara. Mascara can really change the look of your eye make-up, and your entire face look. So why not learn more tips and tricks to get better looking lashes!

-Always, always, always curl your lashes! By doing this you lashes will be longer and look nicer naturally.

-Take your mascara and with a piece of paper or a credit card place right behind the lashes and then apply your mascara. This will create thicker lashes at the base.

-Do zig-zag movements when applying the mascara.This will give a even coat.

-if you want two coats, apply the second coat before the first one drys. this way your reduce the chance of clumps.

-place a loose powder under the eyes, before applying on the bottom lashes, so if the mascara gets on the skin, you can easily brush it away.

-do not pump the wand in and out of out the tube. This will cause air in the tube, thus causing the mascara to dry out.

-Wait a few seonds after a fresh coat of mascara before blinking. if you don`t wait you run the risk of getting the mascara on your lids. Which can ruin your entire eye makeup.

I love mascara, and when I follow these steps my lashes look even better compared to when I don`t.

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