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5 years ago

Being the crazy mascara lover I am, and put that with my attraction to bright flashy packaging I had to buy this <strong>Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara</strong> today. Mini haul for my urge to buy makeup, plus most of my mascaras are used up or dry-ish or just didn`t perform like I would have liked. So this is a mini haul of the day very MINI actually/ first impression. I`ve read numerous reviews on this mascara it is the newest one offered by Rimmel. Typically I do love Rimmel mascaras next to Maybelline of course. This one had terrible reviews but, being the person I am I was willing to give it a try. With CVS great return policy I had nothing to lose.
<strong>First Impression</strong>
First off this is in a really bright flashy neon orange tube, and its HUGE, not quite convient to throw in a makeup bag, but for me it wasn`t a big problem or anything. Its around $5-8 depending on where you get it. This is suppose to give you GREAT BIG VOLUMINOUS lashes, and zero clumps. I tried it when I got home, the biggest complaint from everyone who tried this was clumps, I did not experience any clumping. You just have the brush it through and not wiggle it too much its fine and get off the excess on the top of the tube or something. Its in extreme black so that made my lashes look darker and fuller, and as far as volume goes with 2 coats it seems to do the job great. I`m guessing that the BIG brush though, will get some people annoyed especially people with shorter lashes, like myself but it didn`t bother me I like big brushes. For the last 2 hrs or so, it held up my lashes, no smudges or flakes yet. I don`t tend to experience this with Rimmel mascaras anyways expecially since I use my Rimmel Bold Curves almost on a regular basis it does not happen and it doesn`t claim to be waterproof either `cause its not.
In the end, my first impression of this is great, i like it ,I`ll keep it. It does what it says its suppose to do, and I`m pretty satisfied I`ll do an update review in 2 weeks (: or so because that`s when people seem to notice the problems.


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