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4 years ago

So let me just take the time right now to say that I have never used mascara in my everyday look. I just never thought of it much and my lashes are pretty okay but I have realized recently that mascara can do a lot to a look. I would usually only use it when doing a full face of makeup for an event but mascara also plays it part in everyday looks (I also ran out of my mascara so I thought of buying more for those times when I always do use mascara).

I went to Walgreens today and honestly I wasn`t looking for anything particular. I just wanted to buy mascara that wasn`t too expensive . I picked up three mascaras: Almay one coat dial up, covergirl lash blast volume, and covergirl natureluxe mascara.

I bought the Almay one coat dial up because emilynoel has given pretty good reviews about it. But more than that, it was on MAJOR sale! It retails for around $9 in Walgreens but it was on sale for $2.39. $2.39?!?!? Are you serious? Of course I`m gonna pick it up. Emilynoel seems to like it well enough and that is in no way hurting my wallet.

I wasn`t thinking of picking up anything else after getting my Almay mascara but I passed by the covergirl section and saw it had a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale. Normally I don`t care for that sale because let`s be real, it really isn`t much of a sale. But then I saw that both the lashblast volume and natureluxe were on sale on top of the covergirl sale. Lashblast was $6 and natureluxe was $7. I dunno about lashblast but I do know that Hollyannaeree really loves the natureluxe mascara so I thought, why not? This could help me get into mascara. So I bought all three of these mascaras and it only came out to $15. That`s pretty good for three mascaras in my opinion.

I haven`t tried out these mascaras yet obviously because I bought them today but I`m pleased with my purchase anyways. I look forward to using them. If you are looking for a mascara, I`d suggest going to a Walgreens and picking up the Almay one. Seriously $2.39. Still reeling.

ON another note I`m getting seriously pissed about luuux`s glitch when it comes to checking out. I`ve been wanting to get the clarisonic for a long time and no matter when or how many times I try, the glitch continues and the page just refreshes. I can`t move on from that page so basically I can`t get what I want. I`ve checked into this and this problem has been going on for almost a year now! Seriously? You really need to fix this. . .*rant rant rant*

Okay enough with my raging. Have a nice day!

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