Mascara Fast?

5 years ago

Hey LUUUXers!

I`m a huge fan of mascara, especially waterproof.

People tell me that I have long eyelashes for an Asian, I think they`re regular length.. haha, anyway, but they are stubborn and slant downwards.
If I curl them and apply regular mascara, my lashes will droop back down. In order for my curl to stay up the whole day, I use waterproof.

I wear waterproof mascara quite often, (5-6 times a week?). I don`t have trouble removing it, I barely find my eyelashes falling out.

However, I have read and heard that giving your eyelashes a break from curling and mascara can be very beneficial! Supposedly your lashes can grow longer and more lashes will grow out. :)

I`ve decided to go on a mascara fast, where I`m not going to wear mascara for a month, starting today. I`m going to try my hardest not to curl them. Which is going to be difficult because I hate the way they slant downwards :(

I`m attaching some pictures of my lashes at the moment, no mascara, no curling, and I`m going to compare when it`s March 4th, and share with you all!

Have any of you tried a mascara fast and if you did what results did you see?

If you haven`t, are you interested in a mascara fast?
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Other two, my own

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