Mary`s Review: Sigma ShapeampDry vs. The Brush Guard

5 years ago

Hey ladies!
So my last post I made which was yesturday about my recent purchase of The Brush Guard. So when I went home I was very excited to wash my brushes instantly. So because I promise, I will be review The Brush Guard vs. Sigma SHape N` Dry.

Price: The Brush Guard $4.95 pack of 6 guards
Sigma SHape N` Dry $30 holds 12 brushes
The Product:
So first of all, I wanted to talk about the Sigma Shape & Dry since I have had this for months. When I first used this roll to dry my brushes I literally fell in love with it!! It does what it says, thus my brushes being dry within four hours, this I thought was just amazing since I normally waited 24 hours for my brushes to dry and sometimes longer if other brushes were thicker. The only con I could find about this was that 12 brushes was kind of little brushes to hold since I have a average of like 40 brushes, so you could see the down side of only having some brushes dry.
Next I bought the brush guard, which I have been eyeing forever but since I hated waiting and paying shipping I just never bother with it. Well finally walmart carried them and I bought myself 3 pack, each pack for $4.95. Fairly inexpensive, for a total of 18 brush guards. Well you do get for what you pay for, they brush guards would be great if you don`t mind waiting for your brushes to dry, they also come in a varity of sizes, and are easy to find at stores now. Well I found that these take way longer they I anticipated, It has been 24 hours and my brushes are only about half way dry which sucks. One thing I love about the brush guard is that you can directly place your brushes up side down thus having your brush wet drip down ward instead of in the barrel.
So overall it really depends on your needs and whad you can pay. But if I was to recommend a product I would totally hands down choose the sigma shape and dry, this is because the brush roll will last you so much longer in the long run. So make a investment and buy sigma brush roll.

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