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MARY CAN COOK - BASIC QUESADILLAS Its been a while since I did one of these cause its been a while since I actually cooked. Anywho! The reason I made quesadillas last night is because I actually had turkey left-overs from Thanksgiving! (the Canadian Thanksgiving was weeks ago. I had actually made Thanksgiving dinner for my friends and I... but you can probably imagine how busy I was to actually take pictures and document it before and after.) So yes, I actually still have leftovers, that I just cut up into cubes and froze. So I thought that it would be a great way to get rid of it before it becomes super suspicious. All you really need is, pretty much the cheese and the tortilla wrap. The chicken is definitely just a bonus. How I do my quesadillas: 1) On a frying pan, I lay out a tortilla wrap. I leave it there for maybe a minute and I flip it to the other side. 2) I then sprinkle some cheese all around it. Be careful not to let it get too close to the rims because it will melt and wont be pretty on the frying pan. 3) I will next add some chicken. And then fold the tortilla in half. 4) And then I will pop it oven. I dont generally preheat it cause Im lazy. But I always set it to 375 degrees. I tend to keep in there for a little bit, no later than 7 mins. I eat my quesadillas with whatever it is in the fridge I can find. Usually salsa or sour cream. *yumm* AND VOILA! YOU HAVE THE MOST SIMPLE-LEST QUESADILLAS YOU CAN FIND. I just thought Id share. In no way do I expect you guys to do it the same way (: *pictures belong to me* INSTAGRAM: MAWWEY TWITTER:

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