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MARY AT DISNEYLAND So recently, I went on vacation with my boyfriend, his best friend and his girlfriend. One of the places that we spent some time in was Disneyland and California Adventure. We spent about three days in total. We did everything from taking pictures with all the characters to doing all the rides (of course using fast passes as well!) that entails lots of lining up to eating all the over priced foods to doing a lot of souvenir shopping. Ive just picked a couple pictures from the whole trip to kind of touch base on the time spent in Disneyland and California Adventure. 1) This is a picture of what it looks like in the morning while waiting for the doors to open into Disneyland. Three words: Crazy Long Lineups. 2) This is what Main Street looks like. Its pretty much where all the little shops are and all the areas of the park connects too. And is the main path you`d take to get to the Magic Castle image. 3) Of course, Im going to show up a picture of Winnie the Pooh and I. Hes my favourite-est character. Some girls go nuts for Hello Kitty, me its Pooh bear. 4) This is the Mickey Mouse pretzel. Cute to look at but I dont recommend it it was really plain. And a little dry. 5) Something that everyone is suppose to eat when they go to Disneyland is the Turkey leg. I just really like corn as well. I personally didnt think it tasted all that great and was super hard to eat. We had to sit to eat it using knife and fork. He ate most of it and it literally put us into a food coma. 6) Every night in Disneyland, they have a parade. All the characters come out, on their floats with theyre theme songs really fun to see. And you probably only want to see it once or twice itd probably get really repetitive after that. They dont really switch it up or at least I didnt really see a difference between last time and this one. 7) Theres a Chinese restaurant inside Disneyland. Its called Lucky Fortune Cookery. It was actually really good. They give you a bunch of options and you make your own dish. Like you get to pick the sauce and what kind of meat you want. And it comes with rice and a fortune cookie. 8) In the California Adventure side, theres this place called Off the Page and there were real working animators drawing away. They talked to you and answer your questions and such. 9) One of the best rides that we went on was the Hollywood Tower. Im the idiot with the big smile on the far left in the second row. My boyfriend is scared of big kids rides and thats why hes tucked away being all scared. 10) Theyre a new ride in the California Adventure side since Ive last been there. Its the Toy Story themed one. Its a lot like the Buzz Lightyear one except instead of one long trail, the entire ride is split up into 6 mini games that involves shooting at different targets. And yes, I beat my boyfriend. Im blue and hes red. Theres a bunch more pictures but Id only bore you with them. Im sure youve all read and experienced all the normal Disney funness. I just thought Id show Disney from another angle. *pictures belong to me* INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:

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