Marvel`s The Avengers movie review

So I have been waiting for this movie for YEARS now. I am a huge fan of comic books and The Avengers happen to be my favourite super team. I`m still a bit bitter that we don`t have an Ant-Man and Wasp movie but I can get over that (Edgar Wright get moving on it!) .
So I saw the film at the midnight screening in IMAX 3D( no marathon anywhere`s near me at all) I lined up 8 hours early and was second in line. They let us in the theatre 2.5 hours early. We had six trailers totalling almost 23 minutes of previews... But the movie started eventually.
The first thing I have to commend in the acting. In particular Tom Hiddleston. Last year I raved about him in my post about Thor and again in my other reviews. He has quickly become my favourite actor rivalling Robert Downey Jr. and Jeremy Renner. He played Loki perfectly. Another person I must commend is Mark Ruffalo. He took over for Edward Norton as Bruce Banner / Hulk. I was never a fan of Norton`s Hulk and Mark Ruffalo has been one of my favourite actors since I was a child , so for 2 years I have been raving on about how great he would be in The Avengers. He made Hulk a fan favourite. Something that is apparently very hard to do.
I loved Captain America :The First Avenger but I didn`t love it as much as Thor. However I loved Cap this time around. I`m actually a huge fan of Captain America in general. I even have Cap headphones! I guess the draw was watching Steve adjusting to the present day. Chris Hemsworth doesn`t enter until almost and hour in , and it is probably my favourite scene in the entire film. I love the chemistry between Chris and Tom. They really act well as brothers torn apart by jealousy.
Scarlett Johansson is tied with Natalie Portman , my favourite actress so it was great to have her back as Black Widow. I loved the chemistry between her and Jeremy Renner. I actually prefer Black Widow/Hawkeye to Hawkeye/Mockingbird.
Everybody else was great. I`m not going to go into Robert Downey Jr.`s awesomeness because I don`t have enough hours to talk about that. I also should include Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson whom I hope to become Vision.
The film was fantastic I loved every second of it. For and 2.5 hour movie it sure goes by fast! I saw it again opening night and again the following monday... and tuesday! I don`t love it more than Thor but I love it more than the others.
Rating - 10/10
3D-7.5/10 ( Mostly for the serpent scenes)
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