Marshmallow Cones****

Again! I`ve been all out of ideas for tips, but then I thought I should do another recipe, since there hasn`t been one in a little bit.

You`re probably thinking ``What the heck are marshmallow cones?!`` Well, I kinda made them up, but I`m sure SOMEONE else in the world has made them, too. Basically, they`re a marshmallow in an ice cream cone. You`ll see how to make them below!


~ Materials ~
~ 2-3 Marshmallows (The big kind, any flavor you like)
~ 1 Ice cream cone (Preferably like the ones in the set above)
~ Microwave!

~ Instructions ~
O1. Put the 2 or 3 marshmallows in the ice cream cone you have.
O2. Place in microwave, press 30 seconds and microwave. MAKE SURE TO WATCH IT!
O3. If you think it`s getting a little too big, take it out if you want. But since it`s only 30 seconds, I promise it won`t explode or anything like that.
O4. Enjoy!


I kinda just made this one day when I was craving something sweet, so I took out an ice cream cone, but realized we didn`t have ice cream left and my eye caught the marshmallows, and voila! Marshmallow cones!

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