Marshalls Haul: Really Awesome deals (Seriously Check OUT!!)

Okay, hey guys, so I am really, really hyped up about this purchase. I went to Marsshalls the other day. Not the original planbut I ended up there somehow. Let Me just say, the Marshalls I went to was just....smh unorganized and it took me about 30 mins. to get through the line. Nevertheless, I stuck it out. All because of this sweater. There`s a reason why no matter where you shop, you look outside of your size range. Check it out, I was browsing the mediums while talking to my mom ( who was the reason I moved) and my fingers stumbled across something soft. I pulled it out and with one look I knew I wanted it and was going to have it. It also helped that this was orig. a really expensive sweater from Holllister and I got it for only 19.99. Great right? And the sharpie mark kinda sucks, I can tell it will fade after a few washes ( it really bugs me) Anyways, I was also skimming through jeans thanks to my sis and found these. I knew they were a size too big but decided to try them on anyways. Well let me not be ..... im lacking a word right now, i wanna say modest but it doesn`t feel right. Anyway, I entered that dressing room with about 9 pairs of jeans and another top. It was a BDG top but I wasn`t really feeling it "on". I fell in love w/ that gray sweater the min. I touched it tho, and the second I slipped it on. LOL i love Marhalls dressing rooms. When I went in there, they had three racks : possibly, definately and tomorrow. I was like omg that`s exactly how I think when I shop So of course, I took advantage of that. And then there was this really awesome hanger setup idek how too describe it, but it made me happy. That`s pathetic getting joy from such a simplistic thing, but I don`t really care. :P (btw word editors are sooo stupid. its like if you can tell me tht my word is spelled wrong, why do you give me every possible choice than what I am actually trying to spell? I missed ONE letter. grr....)
The levis were also 19.99, a size 3R in Bold Curve. I am not so sure about he wash because that`s not a color I wear often, I prefer darker shades but I`ll deal. Ive been looking for a pair of bootcut jeans for a while now.

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