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4 years ago

These sweaters were something of an unplanned purchase. We were out buying stuff for our son because he needed his wardrobe updated for the cooler weather. We hadn`t been to Marshalls or TJMaxx in a long time, so decided to make that our pit stop. I had assumed that I would be able to find some nice shirts for my son, but at a marked down price. Well, I DID find some very nice sweaters and long sleeved shirts (and we did buy them), but they were pretty much the same price as where we`d normally buy them. Don`t get me wrong, they probably were marked down in comparison to the original store they were sold at, but for a child that is growing out of his clothes every season, I`m not buying him department store tshirts at $30 a pop. There is absolutely no point in my eyes. If you choose to do that for your own child, more power to you. Lesson learned, though. I found that just some of the adult shirts and jeans actually save me money. The first sweater I picked up is a loose, open knit J.J. Basics. The coloring seems rather off in the photo. In person it is coral and turquoise, which seems strange for a knit sweater, but is a fun pop for the chilly months. It keeps it bright and from becoming drab. In the picture it looks kind of murky, but it isn`t in reality. The back is slightly longer than in the front. Not a lot, just a touch. I like that this sweater is a bit slouchy and doesn`t hug the body too much. This next sweater is another open knit. It is in a deep grey and is made by the brand Wearing Your On Your Sleeve. I can`t really find anything about this brand when I try to search for them. If anyone knows anything about the brand, let me know. They`re a mystery to me! This is another that is cozy, even though it is open. It is snug where it needs to be, but doesn`t cling all along the torso. Just how I like my sweaters! This last sweater is one from American Eagle Outfitters. When I saw it on the rack I thought it looked loud and a bit obnoxious but something about wanting to add color to my wardrobe for the colder months made me pick it up anyway. I`m glad I did. When I tried it on, it was oddly a good way! It was cute and fun! It has a 3/4 length sleeve and is, obviously, much thicker than the first two sweaters. It cuts shorter as well, but nothing that you`d have to worry about your stomach suddenly showing or anything. Not quite that short. Though, for my own personal comfort, I probably will still have a longer white tank under it, as I do for all of my shirts that cut at that length. Once I hit mommy-mode, I don`t ever chance the lean over and accidentally flash the tops of your delicates incident. I also bought a new pair of jeans, but for some reason in the transfer of the photos, the image only half transferred so I just deleted it. They weren`t anything special. Just trust me when I say they were a skinny cut, dark wash blue jean. :-)
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