Marriage: the undying love for another... My Story scene 1

3 years ago

When looking at a teenager, most people don`t think of what happens next in their lives. Well. I`ve found the one. The one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Let me start from the beginning.
I began high school timid, and shy. Skinny, softball and basketball player, and not very outspoken. One day I bumped into this guy (Literally) and had my breath taken away. It`s complete nonsense that I didn`t take a single moment to stop and talk to him. Well. The next year I attended a Spanish I class. Did not, however, expect him to be sitting two seats over from me, next to my best friend.. Well, being this super shy girl, never gave it a second thought. He was too good for me. I continued on with my dating life, getting into a lot of trouble. Asking for all the wrong type of attention. Sure enough, when I break off this long relationship, guess who`s there to help? Let`s call him `B`. Well. B and I turned out to be the best of friends, and I would literally confuse him every day, talking only in Spanish and telling him to finish his homework during that four minute time period between classes. I move on to another guy, thinking `Well, he isn`t even interested` and once again get my heart broken. Junior year of high school, I get a message asking to go on a date, yes. In Spanish! No idea he even knew that sentence, but he must have asked a friend since the translation was right. We went on a few dates and saw how it was kind of working.

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