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My husband and I have been married for 30 years, it will be 31 this October. This is my second marriage and my husband`s first. We have heard so many times that people especially my children hope to have a relationship like we have. We are not experts on marriage, we can only say that marriage takes work, you have to work at everyday. We believe that we are equal partners in this marriage one is not above the other. If I was to give any advice I would have to say....Dating is the process you go through to figure out if you want to invest any time into building a relationship. There isn`t a time limit on how long you screen through and find out what your looking for in a partner. You need patience and time to figure out that one thing, one thing that is real not something you dream about but real!!! I am not a relationship expert and I don`t have a PhD. But I do have a Bachelors degree in Sociology. I have spent years studying human behavior and domestic relationships. I minored in Psychology also, so I do have some insight into relationships. But I don`t want anyone taking my advice over their own judgment. I can however give advice on personal experiences, which would include my own failures and successes. So, when I said find out what is real I mean being yourself and letting the partner be themselves. If anyone wants or needs some advice just drop me a line tell me what`s going on and we can work together to solve the problem

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