Mario Party 9

5 years ago

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to review Mario Party 9 because I got It a few days ago and I have been playing it non-stop! First off the Price is $50 plus tax if you live in Canada. The graphics are really good, I`d give it a 10. The voices are a little different. Some are the same but it feels weird. Now to the part you probably wanted to hear about, the gameplay. When I first played it on party mode on the very first board I was totally surprised that there were no yellow starts but a bunch of mini white stars. The biggest thing that bothered me was the dice. It doesn`t roll to 10, you could get a dice that could if you landed on a blue square. Also you have to press a button to hit the dice, I think in the other game you have to use your remote and just hit it up. Now you do go turn by turn but you sit in a car together! You can`t go individually anywhere, your stuck in the same car as your opponents. The game boards are all different and have their own twist to them but you have to unlock one by playing story mode as always and you have to buy the other one with your star points. I almost forgot the mini games are okay. The thing about them is that you don`t play them after everyone has gone, you have to get them on blue spaces with the box that gives you dice. I have played for 4 days now and I only got to pick a mini game three times!! The computers always pick the games and its always the ones I have already place a billion times!! My final thought about this game is its not really worth it if you where expecting something really awesome and cool but if you love the series like I do and just had to buy the game then it an okay buy. What happened to the good old days when their was Nintendo 64 and game cube those systems had the best Mario party games, now all we have it this worthless game.

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