Marilyn Monroe And Current Body Standards

5 years ago

I have seen this debate before when it comes to Marilyn Monroe and the current movie industry with its weight standards.
Marilyn Monroe is undeniable a cinema legend and a beauty icon, idolized by a lot of woman ever since her time to the current days but what some people don`t know is that Marilyn Monroe was actually rumored to be a size 16 and i did more search on it and some people claim that she was not a 16 but most likely a 10, but the exact number is not that important because if it was today, a female actress with that size would probably be considered overweight or fat, which is just sad.

Seeing Marilyn Monroe, a beauty icon and role model to a lot of woman, even in the movie industry, and that looked great and to know that today she would be considered fat its just a sad and shows how our perception and standards came to when a lot of woman do what they can do be a size 2 or even 0.
It just come to show how much body image has changed with time.

<strong>What do you think of the current industry weight standards in comparison to Marlyn Monroe time?
Do you also think that Marilyn Monroe looked good and that a dress size or weight is not the most important thing?</strong>

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