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4 years ago

Whew! I`ve been meaning to do this post. Remember two months ago when I made my first post on starting my own Project 10 Pan? Well, I stuck to it and used most of all the few products I had listed. I will do another review on all of the items I finished using. Shout out to my dear friend, /member/Barbarasbeautybar for tagging me to do this. I`ve been trying my best not to buy, but lately I`ve been buying a few things. Mostly it`s for people I know they would love to try the products, and my giveaway! Ever since I joined Luuux I spent so much money! Damn you Luuux! Lol These following products are meant to be picked out because of many reason. They`re my favorites and a few products were running low so I thought I`ll use it all. Why keep something when I have 10% left you know? There are a few items I would repurchase, but I`m trying to use what I have before I start buying the whole store. Lol With my crazy buying I`m set for LIFE!!! Let`s get started...
Marie Lisa`s 1st Project 10 Pan:
Purifying Clay Masque in Mandarin This was actually my first masque purchase ever! Now that I have two other brands I thought I`ll get this out the way. I bought this a TJ Maxx for about $3.99 a piece. One of my reason why I love about this masque is that I can feel the tightness, heat feeling when I wait for it to dry. This masque is really thick so all you need is a little. This face masque has Aloe Vera which is great for my face. ATM, I`m using my Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Masks. Love it!
Rimmel London Gentle Eye Make Up Remover I forgot I had it, but did stumbled upon on it while cleaning out my traincase. Lol. I switched from liquid to wipes that is why I forgot about this one. I used it up quick because when I made my post all I had left were 10% of the products left. Great for removing mascara. I won`t repurchase because I have other makeup removers to use.
MAC Studio Fix in NC35 This product was introduce by one of the makeup artist who gave me a makeover about a year half ago. She recommended it to me and I must say I`m glad she did. Lol I would so purchase this again because I usually wear this when I go out of town or go clubbing. I`m thinking about purchasing it soon!
Cover Girl Tru Blend This is like crack product to me. Meaning its one of my favorite product of all time. I first found this at Target a few years ago on sale. Come to find out they were discontinued. Sad face! I was happy because I finally found something I love! But yeah! Come to find out they were sold at Big Lots for $2, $4. I got mines for $2 because of the color I bought. For Target sale I got it for $1 something! I do have a back up one! Lol. This product would last me about three months or so. A repurchase would be a yes, but not at the moment.
OPI Drip Dry My sister was the one who introduce me to this product. At that time I had only 95% left and yes! I went to repurchase another one which I still haven`t post about it. Shame on me. Lol. I posted it on Instagram, but not on here. I`ll get to it soon! :) I love this product is because all you need is a drop. The reason why it feels a little oil because it`s for your cuticle. Nutrients for your cuticle. This will last me a long time!
Burt`s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Cheers to another crack product I love! This is one of my top lip balm. I bought a bunch backups because they were on sale. I gave a few away to my siblings because they have some chapped lips. Lol I would repurchase, but I have other favorite lip balms need to be use as well. Yup! I hope I got everything down. I posted two pictures because one is to show you what I finished and the other one are for you to see what the product looks like. The other three or four products are getting there. I am going to cry because that MAC blush is my favorite blush of all time. My first time finishing a MAC product besides the MAC Studio Fix in NC35. Hopefully I found it again! I hope you ladies enjoy my post and hoping to start my second Project 10 Pan soon! I`m excited! Questionnaire: 1. Are you proud of me on my accomplishment? 2. Have you started your own Project 10 Pan before? Follow, rate & comment! Images are mines. beauty

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